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Bare eyed cockatoo

Bare eyed cockatoobigtodd500

Casper is her name. I have had her since a chick. She can dance. She is very loving she l..
Cockatoo, Florida » Fort Pierce

Breeder pigeons

Breeder pigeonsDavidrugs

High flying Persian Pakistani pigeons breesders and young ones pairs no extra hensxxxxxxx..
Pigeon, Texas » Houston

For sale awsome talking African Grey

For sale awsome talking African Greymoodydonny3

20 year old African Grey very smart and loveable , Name is jojo and he whistles to music ..
African Grey Parrot, Illinois » Pekin

Beautiful love birds, baby parakeet and english budgie

Beautiful love birds, baby parakeet and english budgierainbowbrite5412870469

Beautiful baby parakeet in travel cage. Beautiful adult female english budgie in travel c..
Lovebird, Oregon » Cave Junction

White-Bellied Caique for Sale

White-Bellied Caique for Salemscolombianita20

I am currently selling my Caique as I do not have time to take care of her anymore due to..
Caique, Colorado » Colorado Springs

Red-Lored Amazon Babies For Sale!

Red-Lored Amazon Babies For Sale!Alta Cabrera

These beautiful creatures have brought so much joy into my life and I am beyond thrilled ..
Red-lored Amazon, Florida » Kissimmee

Jenday conure

Jenday conureMathsisnotme

Jenday conure, 4 months old, hand fed, very tame, friendly, smart. Looking for a good hom..
Conure, Virginia » Haymarket

buy talking parrot online

buy talking parrot onlineperryk132

Cheryl parrot Farm, African Grey Parrot for Sale. We offer Parrots to many families, Heal..
African Grey Parrot, California » Ontario

2-year-old male cockatoo

2-year-old male cockatootracyalls1980

2-year-old male cockatoo named rambo. He's good with men, women, and kids. He loves atten..
Moluccan Cockatoo, California » Chester

#1 tamed Hyacinth Macaw for sale

#1 tamed Hyacinth Macaw for salegbest7756

DNA Tested, claws done, healthy and will come with all papers needed. He talks very well ..
Macaw, California » Roseville

!!!Talking Hyacinth Macaw parrot ready now

!!!Talking Hyacinth Macaw parrot ready nowgbest7756

#Strongly bonds to men, women and kids. Does not bite. Very gentle and sweet. Loves head ..
Macaw, California » Roseville

Selling my Green cheek conure!!!

Selling my Green cheek conure!!!Lexplay173

Selling my parrot because I got no time to look after him. He is really tamed and he won..
Green Cheek Conure, Washington » Bonney Lake