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It has blue eyes. sex: male age: 6 WEEKS It is readyfor its furever home. The mother..

Siamese, Texas » El Paso
Maine Coon Kittens for sale

Maine Coon Kittens for salekingstonenterprises

I have Adorable Maine Coon kittens from last litter for sale. Litterbox trained, indoor/o..

Maine Coon, New Hampshire » Kingston
SPHYNX KITTENS (Only 3 left!)

SPHYNX KITTENS (Only 3 left!)Danielle Thurman

I have 6 Sphinx Kittens (only 3 left now!) almost ready to find their forever homes! (..

Sphynx, California » Oakland
Male TICA registered Ragdoll for sale

Male TICA registered Ragdoll for saleDiane Mitchell

Male, long hair, TICA register Ragdoll, born 09/26/2022, Seal Mink in color. Complete vet..

Ragdoll, Virginia » Mathews
Persian Himalayan Kittens

Persian Himalayan KittensJoanMariemorton54

Kittens ready to go! Very healthy and eating good . Two boys Please text or call xxx-xxx-..

Himalayan Persian, Washington » Vancouver
Toffee -1 approx 3-4 year old cat.

Toffee -1 approx 3-4 year old cat.Tierra

This is Toffee. She’s Spayed. Adopted her from work as a hit-by-car cat I took home for..

Domestic Shorthaired Cat, North Carolina » Charlotte
TICA registered Ragdoll cats for sale

TICA registered Ragdoll cats for saleDiane Mitchell

Female long hair TICA registered Ragdoll, with detail vet exams, all completed shots, and..

Ragdoll, Virginia » Mathews
Mixed breed Kitten for Sale

Mixed breed Kitten for SaleShaun Garrett

I’m Shaun and I recently got a kitten and he is a mixed breed of Bombay and Smokey Blac..

Bombay, Texas » Rowlett
Persian kitten

Persian kittenLeah

This kitten is so people obsessed. Playful, loving, and determined to have fun! We gua..

Persian, Florida » Orlando
Bella, 2 yrs old

Bella, 2 yrs oldElms1010

Free to a good home. She is 90 % Russian Blue and 10% domestic..I need to give her up as ..

Russian Blue, North Carolina » Kenly
Young males

Young malespurpleroze69

We need to rehome our two male cats. One is a russian blue and the other is a short hair...

Blue Russian, Florida » Ocala
Two Russian Blue Kittens

Two Russian Blue KittensRobert Browney

males and females are available and they are all ready to go now. Litter box and scratch ..

Russian Blue, Florida » Orange Park
Ragdoll Heaven

Ragdoll Heavenvngrinshpon

Ragdoll cats are loving, outgoing, and lively animals. They differ in the color of their ..

Ragdoll, New York » Brooklyn


I have wonderful Ragdoll kitten female, she is ash/white,so she is 6 weeks 4 days old. sh..

Ragdoll, Florida » Orange Park

Cats For Sale Near Me

6 week old kitten

Domestic Shorthaired Cat Cats for sale in Naugatuck, CT 06770, USA. price: NAVery friendly and cute female red tabby kitten. Must go to good home only.Buy Now

Ragdoll kitten ready to go!

Ragdoll Cats for sale in Holden, MO 64040, USA. price: NAThis baby just became available. Her 6 brothers and sisters all got adopted and she needs a loving home. She is a darling, playful sweet girl. She is 10 weeks old. She is a bicolor seal. She had first shots and vet check. She is purebred and registered. We are located in Holden, MO.View Detail

Bengal Kittens for SALE

Bengal Cats for sale in San Antonio, TX, USA. price: NA- They are waiting a sweet home to adopt them\r\n- Full Blooded Bengal \r\n- 2.5 months old \r\n- Litter Trained \r\n- Female Only\r\n\r\nMore info contact : +xxxxxxxxxxxBuy Now

Persian kitten

Persian Cats for sale in Orlando, FL, USA. price: NAThis kitten is so people obsessed. Playful, loving, and determined to have fun! We guarantee this baby girl would make your family happy and always put a smile on your faceBuy Now

himalayan Kitties for sale

Himalayan Cats for sale in Chicago, IL 60632, USA. price: NABeautiful Himis born November 2022. Male and female available. I just had back surgery and can no longer care for them.Buy Now

Three Beautiful kitten girls for sale

Scottish Fold Cats for sale in Brooklyn, NY, USA. price: NAFour weeks old kittens are looking for a new house in two weeksBuy Now

Roscoe for sell

Mixed Cats for sale in Denver, CO, USA. price: NAHis name is Roscoe he’s about five months old. with my work schedule I really don’t have enough time to show him the care and love he needsView Detail

British shorthair golden shade

British Shorthair Cats for sale in Coventry, RI, USA. price: NADoll face cat Very calm and loving cat. Best for pet or breeding Date of birth-8/28/22 Location-rhode island Email me for more details Thank youBuy Now

Cat no regime fee

Other Cats for sale in Vancouver, WA 98662, USA. price: NAMy 6 month old cat was a gift. He has only been dewormed and given anti flea/tic shot. He is playful and sweet and goes by the name Bovy (Bow-Vee) As much as we want to keep him, we can’t due to our busy work schedules and having a rowdy two year old. No re-homing fee.Buy Now

Beautiful white/silver chinchilla Scottish straight

Scottish Fold Cats for sale in Vacaville, CA, USA. price: NAPerfectly beautiful white with some silver on her tail chinchilla Scottish straight, with show qualities. An absolute sweet baby girl with hypnotic sea blue eyes. She loves to cuddle and follow you around. She has a playful spunky side and can chase objects with great speed. But when you sit on the couch, or go to bed, she is ready to snuggle with you and give kisses. She is very friendly and gets along well with other animals. DOB: 6/23/22 xxx-xxx-xxxx TheresaBuy Now

Adorable Playful Kittens

Mixed Cats for sale in Battle Creek, MI, USA. price: NAAdorable kittens. All colors. 2 black. 2 orange. 2 Calico. Litter trained. Text xxxxxxxxxxBuy Now

Orange Tabby Cat

Tabby Cats for sale in Monroe, GA, USA. price: NAHe is only 7 months old. He is very playful and loving, loves to cuddle and will sleep with u whenever. He is extremely Wild at times and can be a handful! I’ll also be including food, litter box, etc. all his essentials.Buy Now

Kitten for sale

Korat Cats for sale in Hartford, CT, USA. price: NAHer name is shadow I’m looking for a loving home that will welcome her with open arms. She is less than a year old I’ve had her since she was a baby but I am moving and can’t take her with me. I hate that I have to leave her so I want to make sure she goes to a loving home. She’s great with kids and other cats. She’s very loving energetic and potty trained. She eats hard foods and loves to cuddle. Serious inquiryBuy Now

11 month old Siamese boy 6 month old calico girl

Siamese Cats for sale in Holiday, FL, USA. price: NAEnzo is a beautiful blue eyed boy that I found and rescued as a tiny baby in may 22. During the day he usually stays to himself and comes out to eat and use the liter box but at night he loves to play and cuddle he also lovesss to talk. He doesn’t like the outside at all. Ezme is a crazy little calico girl, she’s always full of energy, very very loving, always rubbing on me and trying to cuddle. She loves to play I have 4 kids under 5 and she plays with my baby boys all day, I got her from a friend at 8 weeks old. Enzo is fixed, up to date on vaccines, micro chipped, nails trimmed, and he is fixed. Ezme isn’t fixed nor has she had her vaccines. They each have their own liter box and I have a cat condo, ezme enjoys it more so if you take them as a pair you can have the condo but if not it’ll be going with ezme.Buy Now

Brown Tabby free to good home

Tabby Cats for sale in Spring Hill, FL, USA. price: NAMale brown tabby. Turned a yr old Dec 2022. We currently have 3 cats and a dog...too many cats. He gets along great with our weimaraner dog. Very friendly, purrs loudly, and loves to "talk" back.Buy Now

Need to rehome my girls cats

Domestic Shorthaired Cat Cats for sale in Hesperia, CA 92344, USA. price: NAI rescued these 2 brothers 2 years ago. My girls were suppose to help me take care of them and they don't. I just recently became a single Mom due to my husbands death.Buy Now

Thor needs a new home

Ginger Tabby Cats for sale in Hudson, MI 49247, USA. price: NAThor is a wonderful affectionate, smart, and well behaved 5 yr old whose owner is allergic. We are looking for a new loving home.Buy Now

1 year F2 Jungle-cat/bobcat/savannah-lynx hybrid

Savannah Cats for sale in Fountain, CO 80817, USA. price: NAShe is was bought for $3600 (originally $4400). We lowered her adoption fee, since she is the only one left from this litter. If she doesn't go for this fee, we'll keep her as future breeder. She was originally priced the highest, due to her exotic and extremely rare wild beard, and the rare snow spotting pattern (typically the snows are all white, or just a faint shadow of a pattern). Her contrast is amazing! I've never seen a snow with pattern this distinct. Please let me know if you'd like to see pictures of parents, lineage breakdown, video of hybrid, etc..happy to send over :) She has a amazing goatee on her chin, which she must've inherited from her 1-of-a-kind bobcat genetics. She checks all the boxes for wild attributes, and with that goatee hanging off her chin - she has something we've never had born here! :) She has awesome huge double poly front paws, dark wild nose, rare beautiful spotted/striped snow pattern. She is fixed & front paw declawed. Serious inquiries only! xxx-xxx-xxxx Storm is now 1 and half years old. We lowered the price because of her age.Buy Now

Persians and Minuets

Persian Cats for sale in Baton Rouge, LA, USA. price: NA4 litters of Persians and Minuets expected in March/ April. Persians are 800, 200 down, Standard Minuets are 1200, 300 down. Located in Baton Rouge.Buy Now

Ragdoll pure breed

Ragdoll Cats for sale in Liberty, TX, USA. price: NAI have ragdoll kittens for sale. Litter box trained. Healthy and playful. Male and female available.xxxxxxxxxx for more information.Buy Now

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