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Adult Male Gecko

Adult Male Geckopblalock1980

Adult male gecko, raised from baby. Very friendly, sandbox trained...
Leopard Gecko, Texas » Mount Vernon

Red eared turtles

Red eared turtlesgfarhat0914

2 large turtles with babies. Also have a tank to go along with the both...
Red-eared slider turtle, Ohio » Akron

2 Leopard Geckos for sale (bonded pair)

2 Leopard Geckos for sale (bonded pair)punkchicxo

2 leopard gecko's for sale. Terrarium included in price. $80 for reptiles without terrari..
Leopard Gecko, Florida » Seminole

Ball Python Needs New Home

Ball Python Needs New Homeashneville47

(Full setup is included in price. If the snake is all you want, then I would ask for 20) ..
Ball Python, Maryland » Halethorpe

Adolescent Male Chameleon

Adolescent Male Chameleonpblalock1980

Still growing, about half the size of a mature adult. Raised from a baby. Somewhat unfrie..
Veiled Chameleon, Texas » Mount Vernon

Tortoise juvenile

Tortoise juvenileambiente40

Juvenile 3 inches approx hybrid elongated x travancore..
Tortoise, Florida » St. Cloud

Bearded Dragon

Bearded Dragontylersgrandma07

Adult male bearded dragon looking for a loving home, he is about 2 years old, 18-18 1/2 i..
Bearded Dragon, California » Citrus Heights

Bearded dragon

Bearded dragonmdawn9062

Very sweet bearded dragon. Come with 20 gal enclosure and lights...
Bearded Dragon, Colorado » Colorado Springs

Adult Male Albino Ball Python

Adult Male Albino Ball Pythonsydred

Male, 4 year old albino python, healthy. Not aggressive. Eats live, medium rats. Comes wi..
Ball Python, Arkansas » Bryant

Ball python and cage

Ball python and cageSierradavila3364

6yr old female never bred. Hand able. Comes with 40 gallon tank, 2 hides and a water bowl..
Ball Python, Florida » Keystone Heights

Murphy patternless

Murphy patternlessZombiebabe101

Toothless was a rescue from A pet store. Approx 1 1/2 old. Includes tank setup and access..
Leopard Gecko, Arkansas » Little Rock

Bearded dragon for sale

Bearded dragon for saleAnnabelohiku

Hi, I am currently selling my bearded dragon because I have really just run out of time t..
Bearded Dragon, Texas » Houston


Reptiles For Sale Near Me

Tortoise juvenile. Juvenile 3 inches approx hybrid elongated x travancore

Bearded Dragon. Adult male bearded dragon looking for a loving home, he is about 2 years old, 18-18 1/2 inches long. He is very sweet and loves to be held and carried around.

Bearded dragon. Very sweet bearded dragon. Come with 20 gal enclosure and lights.

Ball python and cage. 6yr old female never bred. Hand able. Comes with 40 gallon tank, 2 hides and a water bowl

Murphy patternless. Toothless was a rescue from A pet store. Approx 1 1/2 old. Includes tank setup and accessories.

Bearded dragon for sale. Hi, I am currently selling my bearded dragon because I have really just run out of time to take care of it, and I want it to go to an amazing home and I think this little beardie deserves the best ANYWWAYS its very friendly but a bit skittish at times over all this beardies behavior is a 9.5 he is also very good with his greens and the food the beardie is trained to head bop and etc. he also need a bigger gallon tank yeah but that just some simple info on hi for more photos txt me or call. {Please call or txt for rehoming fee} x xxxxxxxxxx

Ball python! Blue eyed lucy!. Female,healthy, no aggressive,she sweet,.If you are interested, please contact me.only local pickup in Pennsylvania.

Friendly Adult Ball Python For Sale. 4 year old ball python snake needs rehomed due to a move. Very friendly. Comes with 125 gal terrarium with lid+locks, 2 under tank heating pads, plus all inside decoration, and water dish. Will come with a few frozen mice too. Eats every 9-10 days.

Rango the bearded dragon. Rango is a male bearded dragon he is 16 inches long, 1 year old in two months.

Pied Ball Pytbon. One year old Male Piebald ball python....wonderful temperament, friendly and curious. Will make a great pet. Extremely healthy. Eats frozen thawed rats so no live feeding necessary.

red eared slider and accessories. the stand and tank are included ! the turtle is 10 years old and healthy. accessories are included for the turtle.

Baby Alligator Snapping Turtles. Oklahoma (Pawnee Co) area. I have got 2 left. Fun to watch. Must pick up. First come first serve basis......... Cute, fun, prehistoric looking, and bad ass

For sale bald python. A ball python over 3 ft long in 100 gallon tank with all the lights everything you need for $300

Pet bearded Dragon. Male Hypo Translucent Zero 50% pos het Wits 40gallon tank Included with accessories please call or text xxxxxxxxxx

Yellow/Black Ball Python. All equipment necessary to house this snake. This snake was needing a home and I took it in 3 years ago with intentions of finding a new home for it, and am just now getting around to it.

2 Tortoises (one female one male). You can buy one separately but would recommend to take both, both still small.

Moving need to sell. I am moving to a camper & cannot take my tank living creatures. My axolotl is awesome his name is It. It lives with a cocoanut java moss shell &a java moss bridge as well as 2 java moss balls. He likes to ride the bubbles & the filter rides. Everything is included in the price including water testing kit, filters & lights, a bubble stone, a bubble LED,& a remote color changing LED. It's value is worth well over $600. If u dont know anything about axolotls look them up before taking them on cuz theres certain things like keeping there water at 60 to 65°f. I also have a baby beardie &a leopard gecko as well.

Axolotl Free to a Good Home. Meet Kirby, my son’s amazing 8in Leusistic RLG Axolotl. We got him when he was 4inches long and we have had him for 4months. We are moving to a rental home and can’t bring him so our loss is your gain! If you are an experienced aquarium hobbyist and are looking for a beautiful Axie with the greatest personality please contact us. We are offering him for free but it MUST be to someone who knows how and is willing to care for him. Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you. :)

Banana ball python. Gigi is a female ball python, she is a curious snake at times but is a common ball who likes to stay in her ball under her rock. She is sweet

Snakes for sale. Albino Burmese python. I also have 2 ball pythons and can do a deal for all 3. They also come with tanks and lights. Ball pythons are 100 each and they also come with the tank. One python is pastel Kelly xxxxxxxxxx

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Reptiles Available For Sale

Tortoise, Chameleon, Red-eared slider turtle, Anegada Island Rock Iguana, Boa, Ball Python, Leopard Gecko, Box Turtle, Russian Tortoise, Iguana, Eastern Box Turtle, Bearded Dragon, Blue-Tongued Skink, Alabama red-bellied turtle, Axolotl, Corn Snake, Milk Snake, Tiger snake, Argentine Black and White Tegu, Agama, Brown basilisk, Grass Snake, Crocodile, Texas Tortoise, African Spurred Tortoise, Monitor, Rosy boa, Other, Carpet Chameleon, Chinese Water Dragon, Python, Gecko, Nile monitor, Allen's Cay Rock Iguana, Panther Chameleon, Snake, Fox Snake, Turtle, Argus monitor, Crested Gecko, Desert Tortoise, Black River Turtle, Lizard, Jacksons Chameleon, Baja California leopard lizard, Iguana Iguana, Day Geckos, Tegu, Boa constrictor, Fire Skink, Savannah monitor, Alligator Snapping Turtle, Broad-Headed Snake, Kingsnake, Green Iguana, Aldabra Giant Tortoise, Veiled Chameleon, Painted Turtle, Green tree python, Dwarf Crocodile, Mali Uromastyx, Rat Snake, Hognose Snake, Reticulated python, Pygmy python, Bull Snake, Green Anole, Gargoyle Gecko, Amazon tree boa, Common Snapping Turtle, Carpet python, Water monitor, Rainbow boa, Dumeril's Boa, Yellow-headed Box Turtle, Spiny Softshell Turtle, Water Dragon, White-throated monitor, Common snakeneck turtle, Mexican jumping pitviper, Spiny-tailed monitor, Red-footed tortoise, Burmese Python, Leopard Tortoise, Arnold's Giant Tortoise, Black-headed python, Abaco Island Boa, Andros Island Rock Iguana, Five-lined Skink, American Alligator, Western Hognose Snake, Skink, Garter Snake, Texas Alligator Lizard, Bog turtle, Flat-tail Horned Lizard, Asp Viper, Grand Cannon Cayman Rock Iguana, Northern Water Snake, Diamondback Terrapin, Gold Gecko, Acklins Ground Iguana, Three Toed Box Turtle, African Fat-Tailed Gecko, Cumberland Turtle, African Fat Tail Gecko, Tokay Gecko, Wood Turtle, Rhinoceros Iguana, Seychelles giant tortoise, Sand python, Green Basilisk, Blue Iguana, Brahminy blind snake, Stimson's python, Armadillo Lizard, Desert Iguana, Chequered Keelback, Leatherback turtle, Mud Turtle, Musk Turtle, Green Anole lizard, Red blood python, Black-knobbed Map Turtle, Anguis fragilis, Spotted python, Ornate Box Turtle, Galapagos Land Iguana, Common Musk Turtle, Florida Redbelly Turtle, Pan's Box Turtle, Indian Star Tortoise, Coastal carpet python, Cooter Turtles, Peninsula Cooter, Desert spiny lizard, Leopard Lizard, Anole, Green Anaconda, Plated Lizard, African rock python, Yunnan Box Turtle, Aruba rattlesnake, American Crocodile, Emerald tree boa, Banded rock rattlesnake, Banded Krait, Radiated tortoise, Chinese Pond Turtle, New Caledonian Crested Gecko, Rough-tailed Sand Boa, Mountain Horned Dragon, Spotted Turtle