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These are very Healthy and young English Budgies DIFFERENT COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR MORE..

Parakeet, Indiana » Center Township
LOOKING FOR A MATE ! Female Goffin looking for a Male

LOOKING FOR A MATE ! Female Goffin looking for a MaleChipf44

Bianca is a 10 year old female cockatoo that is looking for a mate! We've had her since s..

Goffin's Cockatoo, Pennsylvania » Zelienople
Friendly Cockatoo Parrots

Friendly Cockatoo Parrotsdallasscottray3

Hand reared Cockatoos pair, comes with papers & microchip, food & carrier. Prefer..

Cockatoo, California » Fontana
white parakeet, red rump parakeet, kakariki parrot, cockatoo parrot

white parakeet, red rump parakeet, kakariki parrot, cockatoo parrotrainbowbrite5412870469

i have a white parakeet, red rump parakeet, kakariki parrot and a cockatoo parrot availab..

Other, Oregon » Cave Junction
Finches for sell!!

Finches for sell!!TDEPPERSON26

I am selling 2 finches for 40.00. Zebra finches. Also white finches. You can get females ..

Finch, Alabama » Tuscaloosa County
Quaker parrot

Quaker parrotjoshco20

Bruce is a 1.5 year old male green Quaker. Bruce has grown up in a house with children an..

Quaker Parrot, Texas » Spring
Various macaw breeds almost all of them as well as black palm cockatoo

Various macaw breeds almost all of them as well as black palm cockatooLEO HOPE

I have blue and gold hyacinth green wing Scarlet and hybrid macaws for sale Young birds n..

Macaw, Utah » Salt Lake City

BABY PARROTLETelettomarianne


Parrotlet, New York » Saratoga Springs
Baby parakeets

Baby parakeetsklvannatter

These babies where born Aug 26st very healthy and very active. I can meet for pick up . T..

Parakeet, Alabama » Somerville
Rehoming two male parakeets

Rehoming two male parakeetscarrickpeggy

Two male parakeets need love and training. One is 1 1/2 years old and the other is 7 mont..

Parakeet, Ohio » Monroe Township
Looking for Sun Conure

Looking for Sun ConureTeresa Edge

Looking for a Sun conure to give a great home to. My husband &I are retired seniors w..

Sun Conure, Maryland » Aberdeen
Re-Homing Red Factor Sun Conure - Male

Re-Homing Red Factor Sun Conure - MaleDanielle Terhune

I\'m looking for a good bird home for my sun conure Fuego. Someone who is already an expe..

Sun Conure, California » Menifee
Ducklings For Sale

Ducklings For SaleAlicia Wynn

Pekin and Khaki/Pekin Ducklings available. Less than 3 weeks old. $5 for Pekins. $6 for K..

Duck, Florida » Brandon
Female cockatiel named Storm

Female cockatiel named StormSeaonya71

Storm was found in Tulsa when we had our first freeze about two weeks ago.... she needs a..

Cockatiel, Oklahoma » Collinsville

Birds For Sale Near Me


Parakeet Birds for sale in 2311 N Jay St, Kokomo, IN 46901, USA. price: NAThese are very Healthy and young English Budgies DIFFERENT COLORS TO CHOOSE FROM FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CALL AT xxxxxxxxxx im located in Kokomo IndianaBuy Now

Goffin Cockatoo

Cockatoo Birds for sale in Jackson, TN, USA. price: NARaffi is a 15 year old male Cockatoo that likes a lot of out of cage time. He loves to dance to certain music videos in the evening. He is banded and in good health . Needs an owner who can show him a lot of attention. Custom cage is included in price. Text or email messages only please!Buy Now

Home Trained Talking Blue Hyacinth Macaw parrots ready to go

Macaw Birds for sale in Dayton, KY 41074, USA. price: NAHome Trained Talking Blue Hyacinth Macaw parrots ready to go please for more enquires regarding our pretty birds .Email Us {{}}Buy Now

Talking African Grey Parrots Available

African Grey Parrot Birds for sale in San Francisco, CA, USA. price: NADue to unfortunate situation I am having to sell my beloved 2 boys and 1 girl. they truly are very special parrots together. they are currently talking and picking up loads of new words every week. loves cuddles and head scratches. Loves to play and whistle to songs on the radio. I would ideally like them to go to an experienced owner . Who can give them time and love they deserves. Someone who knows they are forever birds and not gonna get bored of these two and leave them in their cage all the time they likes to be out of their cage as much as they can. They eats well loves seeds fruit vegetables and homemade chop. They comes with their cage all toys and a special avian stand UV light. I have all new photos and Cites certificate videos as proof this is a genuine add with money back guarantee.View Detail

Military Macaw

Macaw Birds for sale in Union City, PA 16438, USA. price: NA1 year old Military Macaw for sale. Approximately 1 year old. Comes with cage and food. $1300 OBOBuy Now

Black fixed cat

Black Brant Birds for sale in Worcester, MA, USA. price: NAHad this cat for 1yr and a half she’s fixed, and absolutely great. She just needs an owner who will be more attentive to her. She likes cuddles, and isn’t mean. She is fixed, was fixed at 8 months and never had a litter. I will give her away with litter box, bed, toys, food, litter, and anything else that belongs to her. Need gone because i just don’t have the time for her that she deserves plus i’m moving and my next house doesn’t allow pets :(View Detail

Pet pigeon

Pigeon Birds for sale in Valdosta, GA, USA. price: NAWhite adult male pigeon for sale he is healthy and in good conditionView Detail


African Grey Parrot Birds for sale in Southeastern Ave, Hammond, IN 46324, USA. price: NACategory:\r\nBirds\r\nType:\r\nMacaw\r\nMicrochipped:\r\nNone\r\nVaccinations:\r\nNone\r\nNeutered:\r\nNone\r\nPet Price:\r\n1500$Buy Now

Two budgies birds for sale

Accentor Birds for sale in 2024 Jasper Ln, Hilliard, OH 43026, USA. price: NATwo budgets birds for sale The first one has a yellow feather which it’s a female, and the second one has a green with yellow feather which it’s a male. They are couple and they love each other. They are heathy and friendly. The female is trend very well, but the male get scared when someone come closer to him, but he is funny and charming.Buy Now

Pair of Parakeets

Parakeet Birds for sale in Belleville, NJ 07109, USA. price: NASelling a pair of parakeets You can chose fron 2 greens one albino white with some baby blue and one white/blue/blackBuy Now

Saxon fairy swallow

Saxon fairy swallowMost sacrifice these hard to find healthy beautiful pigeons..Need to downsize..2 pairs proven for me very tame n box ..shipping via USPS lower 48 actual..if you like pigeons get them before they're gone..price may b negotiable but not for muchBuy Now

Friendly and loving

Cockatiel Birds for sale in Oklahoma City, OK, USA. price: NAThe cage and food and toys all go with her. She is very sweet. I just can’t take care of her. She is gray and is very pretty. Great Christmas present.Buy Now

Amazon parrot

Amazon parrotIm looking for a amazon or perhaps a african gray.Buy Now

1 green & yellow, 1 blue & white

Parakeet Birds for sale in Knoxville, TN, USA. price: NAI have 2 parakeets that have been great pets. My household has gotten bigger since I got them & my daughter has adopted a cat who does not like the birds. I have 2 parakeets as well as 2 cages & toys.Buy Now

Mr. Grinch and Cindy- Lou

Sun Conure Birds for sale in Hurleyville, NY, USA. price: NA2 bonded sun conures need a new home, i love my babies and hate that i need to rehome them. They are semi trained. Mr.Grinch is red dominant and will blow kisses, wave hello and is in the beginning stages of flight recall. Cindy lou is yellow dominant and will spin when directed and is in the beginning stages of flight recall. Neither like to be touched. Both are target trained. I love them deeply and have had them since they were 7 mos old, they are currently 1year and 6 months, price includes cage and natural food recipes.i would not be selling them except my dad is ill and i will be traveling between NY and Fla. And wont be able to give them the time or attention they deserve.Buy Now

Parakeet - free to good home

Parakeet Birds for sale in New Haven, IN, USA. price: NAHome raised parakeet free to good home. ~4 months oldBuy Now

Babies African Grey Parrot Ready!

African Grey Parrot Birds for sale in Seattle, WA, USA. price: NAWe have 2 months old Babies African Parrots Available. It's a joy to be with them. They are gentle, playful, affectionate and highly intelligent companion. Super sweet and very cuddly DNA tested male and female. WE DO SHIP!! We also have adults of 2-5 years also ready for new forever homes. They will be your companions for many years giving unconditional love and fun every single day. African Grey’s are incredibly intelligent birds the more you put in the more you get out. Our parrots are hand raised and spoon feed, each comes closed rung with his/her own unique ID, A10 certification from, information pack (emailed to you), a small starter pack of nutritionally balanced pellets, pet carrier to get your baby home and as much help/advise as you need from us either before or after you get your baby home.View Detail

Mutation Green Cheek Conures

Green Cheek Conure Birds for sale in Jersey City, NJ, USA. price: NARehoming 9 months old pair Male- Blue - black cap Female- High Red CrossBuy Now

Hand fed African Grey Parrots for Sale

African Grey Parrot Birds for sale in Seattle, WA, USA. price: NAKiki, Lulu & Lili African Greys for sale. They have adorable Grey parrots. They have sweet character DNA tested. I would adore for them to separate homes but will be best if atleast they stayed a pair in any loving home. All set to leave us Now! Shipping is available or pick up at our home. We can also help you obtain your license in case you do not have one already. We prefer you pick them up yourself but we can also arrange for delivery to your convenience. First come First Served. For any inquiry (pics, videos, info) contact us. Serious buyers only please.View Detail

Umbrella cockatoo

Umbrella Cockatoo Birds for sale in Maricopa, AZ, USA. price: NASidey is a super loving male cockatoo who needs a forever home with someone who can give him plenty of attention and has knowledge of cockatoo behavior.Buy Now

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Birds Available For Sale

Accentor, Adelie Penguin, African Collared Dove, African Finfoot, African Grey Hornbill, African Lemon-dove, African Pied Hornbill, African Rail, Albatross, Amazon, American Black Oystercatcher, American White Ibis, Anhinga, Arabian Partridge, Arizona Woodpecker, Asian Blue Quail, Australasian Gannet, Australian Ringneck, Afep Pigeon, African Crake, African Fish Eagle, African Grey Parrot, African Mourning Dove, African Spoonbill, Alexandrine parakeet, American Avocet, American Black Vulture, Ancient Murrelet, Antbird, Acorn Woodpecker, African Black Oystercatcher, African Cuckoo-Hawk, African Grey, African Jacana, African Penguin, Agami Heron, American Bittern, American Dipper, Andean Guan, Aplomado Falcon, Bald Eagle, Black-billed Mountain-toucan, Blue Crown Conure, Blue-and-yellow Macaw, Blue-crowned Parakeet, Blue-fronted Amazon, Bobwhite Quail, Brazilian Duck, Broad-billed Sandpiper, Barbary Dove, Barred Puffbird, Birds of Paradise, Black Scoter, Blue Duck, Blue Noddy, Blue-bearded Bee-eater, Blue-headed Parrot, Buff-tailed Sicklebill, Baird's Sandpiper, Band-tailed Pigeon, Bengal Florican, Black Brant, Black-chested Buzzard-eagle, Black-shouldered Kite, Blue-winged Goose, Brown Falcon, Budgerigar, Buttonquail, California Clapper Rail, California Quail, Canada Goose, Cape Barren Goose, Chicken, Cockatiel, Common Buzzard, Corn Crake, Crowned Eagle, Caique, Call Duck, Canary, Cockatoo, Common Gull, Common Quail, Congo Peafowl, Cuckoo, Cardinal, Cayuga Duck, Conure, Crested Guan, Diamond Dove, Double Yellow Headed Amazon, Dove, Duck, Dusky Conure, Demoiselle Crane, Ducorps' Cockatoo, Emu, Eurasian Collared Dove, Eclectus Parrot, Elegant Tern, Elf Owl, European Nightjar, Eurasian Eagle-owl, Fischer's Turaco, Falcon, Finch, Gadwall, Goffin's Cockatoo, Goliath Heron, Great Green Macaw, Green Turaco, Green-Winged Macaw, Grey Partridge, Galah Cockatoo, Gambel's Quail, Gnateater, Grey-headed Lovebird, Galßpagos Dove, Great Blue Turaco, Green Cheek Conure, Green-cheeked Parakeet, Grey Junglefowl, Grey-headed Chachalaca, Hahn's macaw, Hummingbird, Harlequin Duck, Hawaiian Hawk, Hoffmann's Woodpecker, Harrier Hawk, Horned Puffin, Indian Ringneck, Indian Runner Duck, Inaccessible Island Rail, Indian Peafowl, Indian Robin, Illigers Macaw, Jacky Winter, Jenday Conure, Jardine Parrot, Kiwi, Kakariki, Khaki Campbell Duck, Lanner Falcon, Lineolated Parakeet, Long-tailed Cuckoo, Lorie, Lovebird, Lesser Striped Swallow, Lorikeet, Laughing Kookaburra, Lesser Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo, Long-tailed Parakeet, Lory, Macaroni Penguin, Manakin, Mariana Fruit-dove, Megapode, Mute Swan, Macaw, Mallard, Moluccan Cockatoo, Madagascar Crested Ibis, Magpie Duck, Masked Duck, Meyer's Parrot, Mustached Parakeet, Orange-winged Amazon, Other, Old World babbler, Orange-bellied Parrot, Ostrich, Pacific Baza, Parakeet Auklet, Pekin Duck, Pigeon, Pink Pigeon, Princess Parrot, Puffin, Parrot, Pauraque, Peregrine Falcon, Pied Cuckoo, Pionus Parrot, Prinia, Palawan Peacock-pheasant, Pale-yellow Robin, Palm Cockatoo, Parakeet, Parrotlet, Pheasant Pigeon, Quaker, Quaker Parrot, Red-bellied Parrot, Red-capped Parrot, Red-fronted Conure, Red-lored Amazon, Ring-necked Duck, Rosella, Rainbow Bee-eater, Ross's Goose, Ruddy Turnstone, Red-necked Avocet, Red-necked Grebe, Rhea (bird), Ringed Plover, Rock Pigeon, Sabrewing, Scarlett Macaw, Siberian Grouse, Sunbird, Senegal Parrot, Snow Goose, Swan, Scarlet Robin, Spectacled Owl, Sun Conure, TIMNEH AFRICAN GREY, Toucan, Tropical Screech-owl, Turkey, Trumpeter, Umbrella Cockatoo, Upland Sandpiper, Victoria Crowned Pigeon, White-crowned Parrot, Wren, Weaver, White-rumped Shama, White-winged Dove, Whitehead (bird), Yellow-billed Kite, Yellow-Naped Amazon Parrot, Yellowhead, Yellow-bellied Sapsucker, Yellow-crowned Parakeet, Yellow-throated Longclaw, Zebra Dove, Harlequin Macaw,