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Yorkshire Terrier, Missouri » Hart Township

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy

Yorkshire Terrier Puppysandrakelly4567

Yorkshire Terrier Puppy He is a very playful little Yorkie. He loves playing in the yard..
Yorkshire Terrier, Nevada » West Wendover

Hector is a sweet, friendly little Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Hector is a sweet, friendly little Yorkshire Terrier puppysandrakelly4567

He is ready for his new home. He is CKC registered and should mature around 6-7 lbs. He..
Yorkshire Terrier, Nevada » West Wendover

Hector is a sweet, friendly little Yorkshire Terrier puppy

Hector is a sweet, friendly little Yorkshire Terrier puppysandrakelly4567

He is ready for his new home. He is CKC registered and should mature around 6-7 lbs. He..
Yorkshire Terrier, Nevada » West Wendover

Parti color Yorkie Puppys

Parti color Yorkie Puppysamushinskiy

We have beautiful 3 boys available for adoption. They are AKC register. Mom and dad on si..
Yorkshire Terrier, California » Sacramento

Selling kash

Selling kashcainkiari

Her name is Kash. She is tan (black&brown). She is one and a half. Her birthday is De..
Yorkshire Terrier, North Carolina » Shelby

Registered Teacup Yorkie Puppies

Registered Teacup Yorkie Puppiescamilaguzman651

Fluffy and healthy teacup Yorkshire Terrier Puppies. They all have healthy and playful. T..
Yorkshire Terrier, California » Whittier

Yorkie Puppies ready

Yorkie Puppies readyjameswillaims52

Yorkie pups. 12 weeks old. Vaccination, deworming, microchip -done. Peeped trained. Serio..
Yorkshire Terrier, California » Los Angeles

Gorgeous Yorkie Puppies

Gorgeous Yorkie Puppiesdrcrlc0815

6 week old Yorkie Puppies. 1 female. The Dad is a Parti Yorkie and Mom is a Silky Yorkie...
Yorkshire Terrier, Texas » Lovelady

Yorkie puppies

Yorkie puppiesjvelez1010

Yorkie puppies beautiful will be very small, 1st shots and dewormed xxxxxxxxxx..
Yorkshire Terrier, California » Altadena

Yorkie Puppies For Sale

Yorkie Puppies For Salepandrewlloyd3

I have a Chocolate merle male and a chocolate merle female $4000 and a Traditional male $..
Yorkshire Terrier, North Carolina » Durham

One of a kind


Hes well groomed very spoiled and well rounded everything you could look for in a dog im ..
Yorkshire Terrier, Oklahoma » Tulsa


Yorkshire terrier For Sale

Yorkshire terrier or Yorkie is one of the oldest small breeds and one of the most popular dogs among small breeds. It is easy to fall for this breed simply because they are adorable, full of love and with very positive energy. Yorkie is one of the most popular pets because of many qualities that this breed has. If you are looking for Yorkshire terrier for sale, we will give you information that will help you provide your new Yorkshire terrier pet and yourself happy and healthy environment.yorkshire terrier for sale

History of breed

Yorkshire terrier belongs to pointer family from England, and it originates from 1800. Workers from Scotland used small dogs for hunting and when they left Scotland and move to Yorkshire they brought dogs with them. In the 19th century, Yorkshire terrier was trained to be a hunter and a warrior. Those characteristics can be seen in this breed today. Due to small size and abilities to hunt Yorkie became very popular. Dogs above 21cm were forbidden because they could kill animals, and England was very poor at that time. It is not known from how many different breeds Yorkie was mixed but in England, they were mixed with Maltese dog to improve the length of hair. Yorkie has been mixed with Sky terrier, English toy terrier, Dandie dinmont terrier and many others. Yorkshire terrier that we know today kept all of the characteristics from breeds that they were mixed.

Physical characteristics of Yorkshire terrier

Yorkshire terrier is a small sized dog, but they are very strong and compact. There is not much difference between males and females in size, but like in every breed, males are slightly bigger. There are two types of Yorkshire terrier- teacup size and standard size. The average size of male teacup Yorkie is 15-17cm with a weight of 3-3.5kg, while females are 14-16cm with a weight of 2.8-3.2kg. Standard Yorkshire terriers are slightly bigger with an average male height 21cm, with weight 7kg, while female height is 19-20cm with a weight of 5-6kg. Yorkshire terrier has long hair without undercoat which means that hair constantly grows, but they are not molting which means that there will be no problems with hair. The color of hair is golden-brown with black undertone. Tail stands high with dark-gray color. Paws are roundly shaped with black nails. The average lifespan of a Yorkie is 12-16 years.yorkshire terrier puppies for sale

Temper of Yorkshire terrier

Although Yorkshire terrier is a small sized, they are very proud and confident. Yorkie is a very brave dog who is ready for adventures and exploring. Sometimes they can have impulsive reactions which can bring them into troubles, but with proper socialization from very early age, there should be no problems. Yorkie loves families and big children, they are very loyal and full of love for family, but they are distant and cautious. If Yorkie doesn't like guests, he will show that with loud barking. Yorkshire terriers are very energetic dogs which are very territorial and they should be trained from an early age to be disciplined.

How should I feed my dog?

Yorkshire terrier does not demand special diet. Basically, they will eat everything that you put in front of them. High-quality industrial food would be enough for your Yorkie. When they are puppies up to 3 months they should have 3-5 small meals per day. After puppy turns 3 months, 3 meals per day would be enough and when a dog reaches full growth, one meal per day or two smaller one would be more than enough. Yorkie would enjoy vegetables and fruits also, which can improve hair quality. When they are puppies it is recommendable to feed your Yorkie with a lot of minerals and vitamins.

How should I take proper care of my Yorkshire terrier?

It is not very easy to take care of Yorkie. Breed's hair requires a lot of time, fixing and cutting. If you want to take your Yorkie to competitions and shows you should be aware that hair treatments are must each and every day. Every day brushing, cutting, trimming is a must for your Yorkshire terrier. If you are not interested in taking your dog to shows and competitions, taking care of your dog will be much easier. First of all, many people are cutting the hair of Yorkie because it is much easier to take care. Yorkshire terriers are very good in adjusting to any situations so they do not require any special care. They love walking and spending time outside. Yorkie can walk for 10km every day. This breed does not like cold weather so it is important to keep your dog warm during colder periods. They are usually very healthy dogs, but they can develop breathing problems so regular vet visits would be enough to have a healthy and happy life with your Yorkie.yorkshire terrier sale

Are they easy to train?

Yorkshire terriers are highly intelligent dogs which love the activity, doing assignments and playing with other dogs. It is very important to socialize your dog properly. Spending time with other people and other animals from an early age is important for your Yorkie. Every day walking and play time is a must because they are a highly energetic dog. Yorkie is very a very good and smart dog, and best way of training them is with positive training. They react very good to awards and treats. They do not react very good to punishment and old ways of practice so is not suggestable. They can develop fear and they can lose trust in the owner.

How to get a Yorkshire terrier?

If you are looking for Yorkshire terrier for a pet you are at the right place. Best way to get a Yorkshire terrier is to collect all the possible information about this small, amazing pet. Like every other breed, Yorkie needs special treatment and special care so informing and discussing with owners who have more experience would be ideal. Here we are giving as much information as we can get on every puppy to create the safest possible place for your new, magnificent Yorkshire terrier.