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AKC Registered Championship Bloodline Rotties!!

AKC Registered Championship Bloodline Rotties!!kikatelepenko

I have 6 out of my 12 Puppies still available :) they have been de-wormed and have their ..
Rottweiler, Oregon » Salem

Rottweiler Pups

Rottweiler Pupsjovannigarcia619

We're selling three puppies, they are rottweilers in good health and are 11 weeks old...
Rottweiler, District of Columbia » Washington

CKC registered Rottweiler Puppies NE GA

CKC registered Rottweiler Puppies NE GAPpidgursky

CKC Registered Rottweiler puppies NE Georgia We have 3 males and 4 Females ready for re-h..
Rottweiler, Georgia » Toccoa

Puppy Rotty

Puppy Rottysoloberto

6 month old beautiful rottweiler strong smart shots up to date akc registered playful ene..
Rottweiler, Pennsylvania » Exeter Township

Loyal guardians

Loyal guardiansmistyhillsranch

Two males and one female available. Parents are AKC and registered. Parents are on site. ..
Rottweiler, Oregon » Portland

AKC Registered Championship Bloodline Rotties!!

AKC Registered Championship Bloodline Rotties!!kikatelepenko

I have 6 out of my 12 Puppies still available :) they have been de-wormed and have their ..
Rottweiler, Oregon » Salem



9 month old people friendly rotty. Comes with food, treats, toys, house crate and travel ..
Rottweiler, Maryland » Spauldings

Selling doggy purebred with pedigree

Selling doggy purebred with pedigreeMegepacheco3600

Healthy dog just can’t care for him like I want too..
Rottweiler, Minnesota » Kathio Township

Rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppiesoconnell834

Born on 1/7/20. Beautiful mahogany markings. Ready for sale on 3/7/20. Call Debbie. At xx..
Rottweiler, New Jersey » Middletown

Rottweiler puppies

Rottweiler puppiesFjohnson5232

Beautiful AKC registered German Blood Rottweiler puppies bred for intelligent disposition..
Rottweiler, Alabama » Altoona

Purebred German Rottweiler for Sale!

Purebred German Rottweiler for Sale!stanleywilliams784

Purebred German Rottweiler for sale!:(, due to being home from college. We aren’t allow..
Rottweiler, Michigan » Sterling Heights

beautiful puppies

beautiful puppieswydragonfly73

Beautiful German rottweiler puppies 5 weeks old, from beautiful parents with loving perso..
Rottweiler, Ohio » Sunbury


Rottweiler for sale

Rottweilers- first impression can be deceiving sometimes because, if caring and training properly, Rottweilers can be very loyal and kind family members. There are many stories which are relating this dog to aggressive behavior but this is not very true and if you are consider getting Rottweiler for a pet with proper care you will have amazing friend. It is very important to collect all the information that you can get and to consult with someone who are owners or previously owned a Rottweiler. They are very popular dogs and with a reason because they are very kind and loyal friends. We will give you all the basic info that you will need about those wonderful pets.rottweiler for sale

History of a breed

Rottweilers are one of the oldest breeds in the world. They are ancestors of Mastiff dogs who are used for lion battles in Ancient Rome. Rottweiler got it name by German city Rottwil. This breed have always been popular because of it intelligence and extraordinary working abilities. Rottweilers are first mentioned as independent breed in 1890 and in 1910 it was officially inducted as a police dog. Popularity of this breed has always been on very high level and Rottweilers are one of the most popular working dogs.

Physical characteristics

Rottweilers are large sized breed and they are considered to be one of the strongest dogs. Average male weight 50-60kg with height 61-69cm while females are slightly smaller with weight 35-50kg and height 56-63cm. Head is very wide and strong with semi-long nose and very muscular neck. Body is of a Rottweiler is very strong and muscular with wide chests. This breed has long black tails which used to be cut but now it is forbidden and it is unnecessary. Fur is black with brown-orange marks on chest, nose and paws. Fur is not very long but they are very resistant to cold weather. Rottweiler has very powerful chaw and its bite is the strongest from all of the breeds.

Temper of a Rottweiler

rottweiler saleRottweiler temper, like every other breed depends on genes and it depends of owner, the way that dog has been treated and learned. Usually, Rottweilers are very good family dogs, very reliable and stable with a lot of confidence. Rottweilers are not aggressive dogs and if you are taking good care of your dog there is no need to worry. They love to spend time with family and they are very attached to owners. Rottweilers are very intelligent dogs and they are learning very quickly. If you are taking a good care of your dog and you train them properly they will be perfect with kids. There is nothing to be afraid of if you are willing to pay attention to your magnificent Rottweiler. It is important that your dog knows who is "leader of the pack".

Are they easy to train?

Rottweilers are highly intelligent dogs and training them is not very hard. You have to be firm and you have to show your dog who is a leader. That doesn't mean that old fashioned way of training or punishing your dog would be enough to show who is leader, actually it is recommendable not to practice this way of trainings but to try positive training, with rewards and praise. Rottweilers respond very good to rewards, and rewarding them after they obey the assignment that is given to them would be ideal for learning. It is important for your Rottweiler to spend a lot of time with other animals it will make it happier and open for playing with other dogs. Rottweilers love working and they enjoy practicing and playing with tasks so that is why they are one of the first choices for police dogs.

How to feed Rottweiler?

Healthy diet means that your Rottweiler will be healthy. They need nutritious food whole life to keep them healthy, happy and well-fed. The best puppy food would be premium-quality grains combining with vegetables, vitamins, minerals and calcium. 3-5 meals per day are a perfect way to feed your Rottweiler puppy, while after three months, three meals per day until your dog is fully grown. Rottweilers love to eat so controlled portions would be perfect because they tend to get overweight which can cause health problems. Fully grown, active Rottweilers can eat once a day, approximately 1kg of food, but it is the best to feed your dog based on its requirements. Mixing meat with vegetables is ideal for active Rottweilers. Some Rottweilers can have allergies so consulting your vet about food is very good advice.

How to take care of Rottweiler?

rottweiler puppies for saleRottweilers are very healthy and strong dogs. Most of the problems are genetic related so if you choose your dog carefully there shouldn't be any problems. Some of diseases that this breed might have are hip dysplasia which is common for every large breed and cancer which is main cause for premature deaths in this breed. This does not have to encourage you because illness is not very common and with regular vet visits and proper feeding there shouldn't be any problems. Their fur is not moult very much so regular weekly brushing will be enough. This breed can get overweight so it is important to control food quantity and to give them a lot of activities. Rottweilers are love playing and being active so they will require lots of outdoor activities. If your Rottweiler spends a lot of time with other people and animals they will enjoy playing with them outside and they wouldn't show any aggression.

How to get Rottweiler as a pet?

We have many beautiful Rottweiler puppies on our website that are waiting to become a family member for a new home and a new family. Collect as many information as you can get before you choose a new, magnificent family member. With a proper consulting you can get a new pet that will bring happiness and joy to the whole family for years to come.