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Pomeranian puppies one boy one girl

Pomeranian puppies one boy one girlReebrad0806

Romeo and Juliet’s litter was born on Sunday June 13th. Puppies are seven weeks young. ..
Pomeranian, South Carolina » Boiling Springs



Pomeranian puppies for sale in Whittier Ca. They were born May 12, 2021. They are ready f..
Pomeranian, California » Hacienda Heights

Pomapoo Puppies

Pomapoo Puppiestashansunnyfl

Sweet Pomapoo puppies. These puppies are raised in a family home and will be the sweetest..
Pomeranian, Florida » Spring Hill

Pomeranian puppies for sale

Pomeranian puppies for saledevonboris

This Gorgeous registered Pomeranian Pup is vet checked, current on age appropriate shots ..
Pomeranian, New York » Niagara Falls

Sweet Pixie

Sweet PixieLucheriaa

The most lovely and adorable girl, likes cuddling and lots of attention! Pad trained, g..
Pomeranian, New York » New York

Pomeranian puppies for sale

Pomeranian puppies for saledevonboris

Nice looking Pomeranian puppies very friendly and loving for adoption..
Pomeranian, New York » Niagara Falls

Pomeranian puppies for sale

Pomeranian puppies for saledevonboris

Well train Pomeranian puppies for sale both male and female very loving..
Pomeranian, New York » Niagara Falls

Akc pomeranian

Akc pomeraniankrystallake

AKC Pomeranian named gizmo not neutered, potty trained, comes with shot records and paper..
Pomeranian, Indiana » Madison Township

Amazing pomeranian white blue eye

Amazing pomeranian white blue eyetathianapatino

This is a unique puppy. He is blue eye and all white. He looks like a wolf...beautiful...
Pomeranian, Florida » North Miami Beach

Pomeranian Puppies Seeking Their Forever Homes..

Pomeranian Puppies Seeking Their Forever Homes..ennkay2036

We are the proud owners of 2 adult pre-breed pomeranians that have had their puppies Sund..
Pomeranian, South Carolina » Spartanburg County

Pomeranian puppies for sale

Pomeranian puppies for saledevonboris

Beautiful Pomeranian girl has her first shots, and ready for new home and Mommy. She has ..
Pomeranian, New York » Niagara Falls

Pomchi female

Pomchi femaleKimmarykay54

Darling Pomchi female. Taking deposit now . Ready Aug. 8. 3/4 Pom 1/4 chihuahua. Call or ..
Pomeranian, Kentucky » Kings Mountain


Pomeranian for sale

If you are looking for Pomeranian dog for sale you are at the right place. Before choosing your puppy it is very important to get to know breed. Pomeranians are one of the most loveable and most popular breeds in the world. They are one of the cutest dogs too and if you consider that they are also very intelligent, there are so many downsides for getting this adorable pet. It wouldn't take a lot of time to realize why this breed is so popular all over the world and why people are just falling in love in Pomeranian dogs. Before deciding to buy this adorable creature here are some useful tips and information what to expect from them and how to take a proper care of your new, lovely pet.pomeranian for sale

Origin of a Pomeranian

Precursors of Pomeranian breed were large dogs from Arctic. German Spitz is considered to be the breed that is ancestor. They are called "Spitz" because that word in German means "sharp point" which indicated to their noses and muzzles. The second half of the 18th century is official "birthday" of this breed, but it is believed that Pomeranians originate even from 17th century. Through the history, Pomeranians were widely known as royal dogs because many members of a royal family in many countries were owners of Pomeranian dogs.

Physical characteristics of a Pomeranian dog

Pomeranian is a perfect house dog. Average life span of a Pomeranian is between 12 and 16 years. Height of a male varies from 13 to 28cm while it weights somewhere between 1.9 to 3.5kg. Females are usually 5-10% smaller and lighter than males. Pomeranian have "square" body which is very compact. Head of this breed reminds of fox's head, wide at the back while getting thinner at the front. Nose is black and round, while eyes are triangle shaped, usually dark. Ears are small. Fur is very thick and it has two layers. It is long, beautiful and soft. Pomeranian's fur can be orange, orange-red, white, gray or gray-black color.

What about their temper?

pomeranian salePomeranian is considered to be very intelligent dog. They are known for lively temper. If you are looking for Pomeranian as a pet you will enjoy in this beautiful breed because they are very lovely and they love to cuddle so their temper makes them perfect pets. They can be noisy due to their energy but they don't bite and chew in the house so they can spend time alone. Pomeranians are very social dogs and they love spending time with other animals. It is good for them to get used to other pets because they can be jealous sometimes. They are perfect with children and they are very good house keeper because they don't trust to a strangers and due to their quickness they react very fast when somebody is visiting. Sometimes they can tend to be possessive but if they are socialized from early age it shouldn't be any problems.

What food should I give to my Pomeranian?

Food is very important for growth and health of your dog. With proper nutrition Pomeranian can be very healthy dog. It is recommendable to feed your Pomeranian with high-quality granular food. Puppies should be fed 4-6 times a day with smaller portions. After your dog reach 1 year you should reduce feeding to 3 times per day and when they are 18 months old they are full grown and 1 meal per day is enough. While they are young they can take calcium and other vitamins for bones and overall health. You should not change diet of your dog quickly because that can upset their stomach and cause complications and gastrointestinal distress. Pomeranians do not eat a lot of food so don't be confused if they do not finish their meal. They are eating exactly how much they need.

Health and care

Pomeranians are very easy to take care of. They require a lot of daily activities but playing around the house or in the yard can be enough for them. It is recommendable to take them out for a walk 3-5 times a week. There is a lot of work with fur. They will require a lot of grooming, at least once a day. During moult period they should be groomed few times a day. Pomeranians should be bathed once a month. It doesn't take a lot of things to do to take a proper care of your Pomeranian and with little effort your pet will live healthy and happy life. Overall they are very healthy dogs but they can suffer from deafness and Luxating patella- a knee problem which can cause foot to be locked up off the ground. Those two illnesses are the most common but with regular vet visits and proper care these problems are avoidable and your cute dogs will live healthy life.pomeranian puppies sale

Are they easy to train?

Due to their intelligence they are very easy to train even if you are not experienced dog owner. If you are looking for Pomeranian for sale you should know few basic tricks to train your dog. The most of the things that they learn is through observing other animals and humans and trying to imitate them. Like we said earlier, it is very important for them to be socialized with other animals from early age. It is recommendable not to use punishment as training method because they are very sensitive and they might not react very well for that method.

How to get one?

We have many Pomeranian puppies for sale so you will have plenty of choices with pictures. It is best if you are consult with someone who owns or owned them before just to get extra information about this lovely breed. It is not very hard to get them and price range various from one puppy to another. With this beautiful breed fun is guarantee and with proper care and attention Pomeranian will be perfect pet, friend and a family member.