Old English Sheepdog Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Old English Sheepdog for Sale

Herding dogs
United Kingdom
Height Male:
50 - 60 cm19 - 24 inches
Height Female:
50 - 60 cm19 - 24 inches
Weight Male:
27 - 45 kg59 - 100 pounds
Weight Female:
27 - 45 kg59 - 100 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 10
Other Names:
The Shepherd's Dog, Bobtail
Colors Available:
Grey and white
Long and fluffy
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Stubborn, Territorial
Moderate Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Old English Sheepdog for Sale

old english sheepdogThe origin of the Old English Sheepdog is unclear as records weren’t kept. However there are some aspects that suggest the dog originated in the 19th century and that the Scottish Bearded Collie had a significant part in the development of this dog which hails from England.

It is also believed that the Russian Owtchar was involved in the development of the Old English Sheepdog. The dog was recognized by the American Kennel Club in 1888. In 1904, the Old English Sheepdog Club of America was also founded.

The shape of the dog has changed very little over the years and it was in the 1880s that the dog was exported to the United States.

Description - Old English Sheepdog for Sale

old english sheepdog puppyThe Old English Sheepdog is a large dog standing at between 50 and 60cm and weighing between 27 and 45kg.

He is muscular with a broad bottom and hip area. The head is also large and the small ears are carried flat. The tail has always been docked, giving the dog a large panda-bear look to him, but these days the tail is often left long, and the dog loses that square compact look.

When the tail is left long it is well feathered. The coat can become fairly long and is quite harsh and wavy to straight. The coat is essentially grey with white hair over the head area. The puppies are born with their hair being black and white, and later on the traditional grey coloring comes in.

What is quite interesting with this dog is that it stands lower at the shoulder than at the loins, so just like a Panda bear, he also lopes or walks in a bear-like fashion.


The Old English Sheepdog isn’t an aggressive dog. He is social, intelligent and entertaining for his human family, whom he loves to spend time with.

He is an energetic dog too and he would prefer a country setting where there are large fields to run in as opposed to living on a tiny property in the city. He is an adaptable dog though, and will slot into life in the city or suburbs, so long as he is well exercised.

Train him and socialize him and he will become an obedient, amicable pet to have around.

Health Problems - Old English Sheepdog for Sale

old english sheepdog dogIt is estimated that the beautiful Old English Sheepdog can live to be about 10, 11 or 12 years of age if he is looked after well. Just like with other dog breeds though, this particular dog is also prone to some of the common dog diseases there are.

Some of these diseases include hip dysplasia, diabetes, eye diseases and deafness along with some skin problems.


As a chronic disease, Diabetes can affect dogs as well as other animals and humans. Diabetes in dogs can’t be cured but it can be managed, with Diabetes Mellitus being the kind of diabetes most seen in dogs. Whatever kind of diabetes your pet has, the negative effects remain the same.


It can be devastating when your dog has been with you for about 10 years, to discover that he has cancer. Of course, cancer is the leading cause of death found in dogs older than the age of 10.

Many cancers are curable if you catch them early. Malignant lymphoma is a common cancer with dogs but there are other cancers too. The warning signs of cancer in dogs are much the same as what you get with humans. You’ll discover a lump or even an injury that won’t heal. There could also be abnormal bleeding.

Skin Problems:

There are many different kinds of skin problems seen in dogs, some of which are more common than others. You’ll notice your dog licking a part of the body so that the hair disappears and the skin becomes exposed.

There are skin problems started because of inadequate diet and lack of nutrition. There are plenty of commercially manufactured pet foods that don’t have the right amount of vitamins and minerals your pet needs. Always buy a good quality one to fight these very aggravating skin allergies. A vet may give hydrocortisone products but many dog owners these days try to treat their dogs with natural products.

Caring The Pet - Old English Sheepdog for Sale


old english sheepdog puppiesFood allergies are caused by your dog eating food with ‘bad’ ingredients which don’t agree with him. Make sure your pet has a wholesome diet.

Invest in the very best quality commercially manufactured food. Home-made food is always a wonderful treat for any dog but it needs to be kept simple. No exotic, spicy foods and no suddenly changing your pet’s diet.

Simple, nutritional boiled chicken, brown rice or pasta and vegetables such as sweet potato, carrots and spinach added into his kibble as a treat will do wonders for your pet and he will thank you for keeping his meals tasty and simple. A little bit of raw meat added in occasionally can also do him the world of good. Fresh, cool water must always be available.


The Old English Sheepdog is quite a high maintenance dog, what with that long hair and all, and some owners of this dog prefer to take him to the parlor to have the hair sheared and wash, otherwise it could become a mammoth task for a dog owner.

If you opt to keep the hair long, you may end up having to be constantly brushing your pet’s coat to prevent it tangling. Not only that, if you live in a hot area, cutting the hair can help towards keeping the dog cool.

The ears of your dog should be checked regularly for infection as well as the eyes, and keep the nails clipped as well.

Characteristics - Old English Sheepdog for Sale

old english sheepdog dogsThe Old English Sheepdog is the ideal dog for a family pet. They love spending time with their human family and are affectionate and loyal, getting on well with children as well as other pets.

From the time he is a puppy, you can see that he is fun-loving and easy going while also being intelligent. He is also a guardian and wants to protect his human family.

Provide him with the opportunity to get out into the country sometimes if you don’t live on a farm because he is essentially a farm dog. He used to be a herding dog and likes to be busy. Treat him well and have him trained and socialized and he’ll make you a superb pet.

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