Canis Panther Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Canis Panther for Sale

Molosser dogs
United States
Height Male:
68 - 77 cm26 - 31 inches
Height Female:
65 - 75 cm25 - 30 inches
Weight Male:
53 - 65 kg116 - 144 pounds
Weight Female:
50 - 65 kg110 - 144 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
Other Names:
Colors Available:
Fawn, grey, blue, chocolate or black
Short and dense
Affectionate, Aggressive, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Responsive, Social, Territorial
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Canis Panther for Sale

canis pantherThe Canis Panther is a strong, muscled dog who has been developed in the USA in the 1970s by Scorpio Jones, Michael Stratten, and Lucas Lopez. They mixed the Doberman Pinscher, the Great Dane the Labrador Retriever and the American Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

This dog hasn’t got a long history, having only been established in the 1970's, but the breeders wanted a dog much like the Doberman but somewhat larger and stronger. It is a dog breed which is still fairly unknown in the United States and elsewhere.

Description - Canis Panther for Sale

canis panther puppyThe Canis Panther is a large dog measuring roughly 68 – 77 cm in height and weighing around 50 to 63 kg. He has a deep chest and strong neck. The coat is short and dense and it is is essentially a solid color - fawn, grey, blue, chocolate or black.

He looks magnificent with his cropped ears and short docked tail. Unfortunately with regulations surrounding the docking of dog’s tails, the dog these days is often left with a long tail.

He is an intelligent, territorial dog and makes an excellent watchdog. He is a dog which can be easily trained and socialized and then he makes a great family dog. He is loving and loyal to his human family, being somewhat aloof with strangers. His gets along well with children in the home as well as with other pets.

Health Problems - Canis Panther for Sale

canis panther dogThe Canis Panther breed is not known to have any particular illness and he can live to be 10, 11 or 12 years of age. However, like every other dog, there are some more common dog illnesses that you will need to be aware of and which are seen more commonly in larger dog breeds, some of which are -

Bone Cancer

Larger breeds can be prone to bone cancer, known as Osteosarcoma and found more often in the limbs. Dogs develop swelling in the affected part of the limb and the bones can break easily. If you notice swelling or limping, see that you get your pet to the vet.


This is another kind of cancer which affects the Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell. Dogs with Lymphoma may have an enlarged lymph node under the chin and neck for instance or the swelling could be in the groin area. Get your dog to the vet so as to have the lump biopsied.

Caring The Pet - Canis Panther for Sale

canis panther puppiesWith his short coat, the Canis Panther is looked upon as a low mainenance dog. You’ll need to brush his hair at least twice a week though to remove loose hairs and keep the coat shiny.

Dental Care

Brush your pet’s teeth at least 2 or 3 times a week. You get special toothpaste and toothbrush for dogs and your vet can guide you on how to use them. If you don’t attend to your pet's teeth, he can experience tartar build up. This can lead to gum disease and tooth loss. Not only that, bad teeth can affect other parts of the body too.


This breed comes from several large dog breeds and as a big dog, he is certainly going to need a good deal of exercise. He’ll need a walk every day or perhaps frisbee games in the park where he is made to run.

Any dog requires exercise, and especially a magnificent dog like this one. You want to make sure you maintain those lean, muscled limbs by ensuring he gets his fair share of exercise.

Characteristics - Canis Panther for Sale

canis panther dogsThe Canis Panther is a loving dog in spite of his large, guard-dog looks. He is intelligent, bold and courageous, and when trained and socialized is a devoted, loyal, loving pet.

He is known for his high intelligence and becomes so attached to his human family he will fight to the death for them if needs be. He is a territorial dog and won’t welcome strangers to his door.

The Canis Panther puppy is outgoing and playful, loving the company of kids in the family.He requires a firm owner who can see to it that he gets in a good quota of exercise. He is an energetic dog and if he isn’t given enough exercise he can become destructive and aggressive through no fault of his own but because of an irresponsible owner.

The Canis Panther is a large dog but given love and proper care he becomes the most awesome, strong devoted pet and protector.

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