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NIPPO Shiba puppis are available! I'm inspected and licensed by State of Iowa Department ..

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3 female guinea pigs

3 female guinea pigs2014browndann

Rehoming fee $25 per guinea pig. Text Darla @ xxx-xxx-xxxx all three pigs are handled by..

Guinea Pig, Oregon » Springfield

Guinea Pig Rodents For Sale Near Me

3 female guinea pigs. Rehoming fee $25 per guinea pig. Text Darla @ xxx-xxx-xxxx all three pigs are handled by kids regularly and very friendly. They are used to going outside for 3-5 hours at a time in warmer dry weather if you have a way to keep a close eye on them or make them an outside playpen they will be very happy. I would like to keep them together if possible but they will adjust just fine solo to a loving home where they have enough room in their cage and another female roommate to keep them company. Peach: came from a craigslist ad 3 years ago. She is six years old, white and tan American. she has always been everyone's favorite to hold because she is so gentle. S’mores: came from a pet store as a baby she is 1.5 yrs old, white,black, and tan. Long crazy fur shes extra squeaky and very cute! Smokey the bear AKA Smokey: is 2 yrs old, black marbled with brown. I bought smokey from a pet shop she was a rescue, you can see where her ears were chewed on when she was a baby. She seems a little smarter then your your average cavie. I had to trim s'mores top front teeth about two weeks ago. I noticed that one of her bottom teeth were broken off and the other was going crooked to the side of the top two. I hadn't had problems with their teeth in the past so i didn't have trimmers by the end of the day i bought a pair to trim it down but it had already broken off. So she has no bottom front teeth right now but I'm sure they'll grow in soon. Until then her top teeths length should be checked often so you can keep them trimmed up. If you live close enough to meet up i will trim them for you anytime if you’re not sure how to get them trimmed safely. Or I can show you how.

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