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Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievervikutys

Coco is happy, playful, and healthy dog, he is 8 weeks and ready to go to create new memo..
Golden Retriever, New Hampshire » Nashua

Golden retriever

Golden retrieverLudorjenkins

Full blooded golden retrievers. I have a male and a female available. Call or text for mo..
Golden Retriever, Georgia » Augusta

Golden Retriever

Golden RetrieverLudorjenkins

I have a male and a female available. Utd on shots and deworming. Ready for their new hom..
Golden Retriever, Georgia » Augusta

AKC Golden Retriever

AKC Golden Retrieverreganrutledge9

We have three females and one male godlen retriever babies available. All our babies come..
Golden Retriever, Kentucky » London

Golden pups

Golden pupsclaudette1025

⁃ Gorgeous Females and Males ⁃ 10 week old ⁃ Deworming and Vaccines up to date...
Golden Retriever, California » San Diego

Golden retriever puppies 2 males available

Golden retriever puppies 2 males availableaanthonyp6392

Hi i have 2 male golden retriever puppies available for reservation and rehoming...
Golden Retriever, California » San Bernardino

Pure Bred Golden Retriever

Pure Bred Golden Retrievertrustand2002

PURE BRED GOLDEN RETRIEVER Say hello to Milo! This sweet boy needs a loving family to t..
Golden Retriever, Minnesota » Minneapolis

Meet Zeke!

Meet Zeke!ramandar489

Registered, up to date with all vaccines, dewormed, and micro chipped. Unfortunately I’..
Golden Retriever, New York » New York

English Cream Golden Retriever

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Hard breed to find in South Florida English Cream Golden Retrievers Puppies will be ready..
Golden Retriever, Florida » Miami

Selling puppy

Selling puppyblancavallejogarcia

I’m selling my 8 weeks English golden retriever because unfortunately I can’t afford ..
Golden Retriever, Georgia » Atlanta

Golden Retriever Puppy for sale

Golden Retriever Puppy for salemyshapixieprincess

PRICE NEGOTIABLE. Text me for more info: xxx-xxx-xxxx. 9 week old puppy for sale. Comes w..
Golden Retriever, California » Los Angeles

Golden Retriever Lab Mix to good home. Abby needs a furever home.

Golden Retriever Lab Mix to good home. Abby needs a furever home.trevaannboswell

Abby is very loving, friendly, outgoing dog. About 1 year old. Have records from vet. Lea..
Golden Retriever, Georgia » Braselton

Golden retriever for sale

golden retriever for saleIf you are looking for perfect family dog who likes to go with you to any adventure, Golden retriever would be perfect choice. Patient, calm and loving Golden retriever is for a reason one of the most popular breeds in the world. Many people choose this lovely breed because they are perfect friends and family members. If you are thinking about getting your first pet, Golden retrievers are considered to be the best first pet you will get. It is recommendable to research as much as you can about any breed that you are considering to get and to collect information from people who own or previously owned this perfect family dog. We will give you some of the most important information about Golden retrievers.

History of breed

Golden retriever is a breed came from Scotland in 19th century. In that period hunting was very popular so every dog was trained for hunting and golden retrievers proved to be very patient and good hunter dog. They were very good at swimming, so they could collect anything from water. Golden retriever extinct ancestor was a Tweed Water Spaniel. They were also very good swimmers. In Scotland and England, Golden retriever is still very respected and popular breed, and still had usage in hunting. After Scotland and England, Retrievers are spreading to America and Canada, and in the mid of 20th century popularity of this breed is growing rapidly and now they are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

Physical characteristics

This majestic breed considers as large-sized dog group. Male average height is 56-61cm and with weight 29-34kg while females are little smaller with average height of 51-56cm with weight up to 25-29kg. Color of coat is gold or cream in any shade. They have double coat which keeps them protected in winter periods and they are water-repellant. Golden retrievers have beautiful round and dark eyes. Life span of a golden retriever is between 11-13 years.golden retriever puppies for sale

Temper of a Golden retriever

Despite being great hunting dog and dog to bring with you in adventures, Golden retriever is consider to be one of the calmest and friendliest breeds. They are very kind and confident and they are perfect family dog. Golden retrievers are very good with children because they are very patient and relaxed. They are very good with strangers too, so they are not very good guard dogs. Aggression or bad behavior to other people or animals are not accepted to Golden retriever. They are very active and they love spending time with people. Golden retrievers are one of the most intelligent breeds. They love to work and play so it is important not to overwork them. They love water and they enjoy swimming so your dog would be very happy with occasional swim now and then.

Health and care

Taking proper care of your golden retriever is very important. They are not requires a lot of attention when it is about caring. They clean themselves and only moulting might be little unpleasant but overall, it is not something to worry about. With regular grooming and occasional baths your dog will be perfect. Golden retrievers are very good dogs for keeping them in the apartment so there would be any big problems. They are very healthy dogs who are getting sick very rarely but they might get cancer or heart diseases. It is very important to give them proper food and exercises with regular vet visits. Usually they are very healthy but some illnesses are possible but with proper care and choosing right puppy there will be minimal chances of getting that. If you are looking for Golden retriever for sale make sure that you are choosing from good breed species and that you did your researches. Regular activities like walking, playing with other animals or humans, swimming, etc. are very important for your golden retriever pet. They enjoy playing and they love to be active. Activities like throwing a ball or a stick will be very amusing for your golden retriever. They are eager to impress so they will be very good in obstacle playing.

Are they easy to train?

golden retriever saleGolden retrievers are very good dogs for training. This breed likes to please people and they will do anything to impress and to gain some food. They are very calm and patient so training wouldn't be difficult. Golden retrievers react well on rewarding and using old methods and punishments are not recommendable for this breed. They are disciplined dogs, and when you teach your dog basic commands it will be capable of walking without leash and giving it more space to explore environment with more freedom. They are one of the best dogs for disabled people and with therapy dogs. Golden retrievers are very popular police dogs too, because of their patient and calm attitude.

How to get one?

If you are looking for Golden retriever for sale you are at the right place. With us you will have many puppies to choose from and to be safe. Online sales can be tricky sometimes but we have plenty of choices and since we love animals, pets will be safe with us with quick and pain free delivery. With pictures and info that we will give you, risk will be at minimum. You will have perfect dog with amazing heritage which are just wait to give love and to be loved.