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White fawn boy

White fawn boytathianapatino

Handsome boy. Dewormed. All vaccines and chip ready to go to a loving home...
French Bulldog, Florida » North Miami Beach

High quality French bulldogs

High quality French bulldogsKatherine190731

I have 3 male French bulldogs Fully vaccinated, dewormed Have Europe health passport ..
French Bulldog, Texas » Houston

Male Frenchie from Serbia

Male Frenchie from Serbiadogaddictionllc

This handsome playful male frenchie is looking for his furever home. His ip to date on hi..
French Bulldog, Oregon » Forest Grove

Healthy x French Bulldogs ready

Healthy x French Bulldogs readyyehilo8564

We currently have just a male and a female left ,they have had all their shots and wormin..
French Bulldog, North Carolina » Concord

French bulldog puppy

French bulldog puppyBluecountrybulldogs

Beautiful AKC French bulldog puppy Blue and tan male 5 weeks old Both parents have b..
French Bulldog, Michigan » Greenwood Township

Frenchies puppies

Frenchies puppiesHasleyjojes

Pleased to announce the safe arrival of these gorgeous boys and girls. Mum had a healthy ..
French Bulldog, New York » Hempstead

ICA female frenchy

ICA female frenchygiggabean

This is macey a gorgeous 12 week old ICA registered French bulldog with beautiful Merle m..
French Bulldog, Massachusetts » Boston

Male pie-colored frenchie. Shots/Dewormed. NO AKC.

Male pie-colored frenchie. Shots/Dewormed. NO AKC.leanibibiano

Male pie-colored frenchie. Shots/Dewormed. NO AKC.12 weeks. Chato is very playful and fr..
French Bulldog, California » Huntington Park

Frenchies puppies

Frenchies puppieskatlavgonzalez717

I have frenchies born 6/7 they will be ready by the end of July they are AKC registered t..
French Bulldog, California » Palmdale

French Bulldog Puppies - Now Accepting Deposits

French Bulldog Puppies - Now Accepting Depositsmalindanarine

We have (3) litters of beautiful French Bulldog puppies that we are now accepting deposit..
French Bulldog, South Carolina » Myrtle Beach

Cute Kady Needs a Loving Home

Cute Kady Needs a Loving Homeryanjoe421

Hello! My name is Kady the Frenchie! I'm a cute, cuddly, and loyal puppy that is looking ..
French Bulldog, California » Santa Clara

Adon the Frenchie Needs A Forever Loving Home

Adon the Frenchie Needs A Forever Loving Homeryanjoe421

Hi! My name is Adon. I am super sweet! I'm also super cuddly and my personality is somewh..
French Bulldog, California » Santa Clara


French bulldog for sale

French bulldogs are one of the most favorite dog breeds in the world. They are very cute, not very big and they are a perfect companion in every adventure. With proper care and devotion French bulldogs can be perfect pets. If you are looking for French bulldog for sale be aware that this adorable breed will require patience and attention but with some precautions you will have a great pet and a friend in French bulldog.french bulldog sale

French bulldog origin

French bulldog's ancestor was brought to France in 19th century by English textile workers. After that, the breed was mixed with small dog breeds from France and Belgium. That new breed was considered to be very good in hunting for rats so popularity of that breed was constantly growing. New breed was called the Bouledouge Francais which means French small douge. French bulldog became very popular and it was considered to be very fashionable in Paris society, especially amongst high society members. Today, French bulldog is one of the most popular breeds in the world.

Physical characteristics of French bulldog

French bulldogs are small dogs but very compact and with strong muscles. Height of a male can reach around 30cm while female can be around 28cm. Weight of a male is around 13kg while females weight 11kg. Their musculature is very strong. Head is short with short nose which is wrinkled with wide nostrils. French bulldogs eyes are very big and dark. Ears are straight while the neck is short. French bulldogs have a short tail. They also have short fur and can have several colors on the coat. Usually they are yellow with white mottles but also they can be plain white and on rare occasions they can be black. Due to their small nose they can snore loudly with heavy breathing. French bulldog's life span is between 9 and 11 years.french bulldog for sale


They are considered to be one of the best companions of any breeds because French bulldog has very good temper and they are very kind and loving. French bulldogs are very sensitive dogs. They love everybody in the house but their favorite person will be the one that is taking the most care of it. French bulldogs enjoy spending time with people and other animals and they love to play. They are not aggressive dogs and in the most of the situations they love other people and animals too. But, like any other dog, they will require some training.

Are they easy to train?

french bulldog puppies for saleFrench bulldog demands firm training. If they are not taken with proper care they can be aggressive and intolerant to other people and dogs, so it is important that they spend time with other people and animals since their puppy days. They can be very easy to train, but also, they can sometimes be very stubborn. They will require time and devotion, but with little hard work they can be well-trained dogs in a no time. Beating and yelling will not help in training with French bulldogs due to their stubbornness. If you want your dog to behave you will have to be patient and coherent. Positive trainings with rewards can be helpful, but it is also important that the dog respects the owner. It is crucial to make the dog to understand what "No" means and to respect it.

What food should I give to my French bulldog?

It is very important to feed your French bulldog properly. If you are looking for French bulldogs as a pet you have to be aware that this breed requires a lot of nutrients. While it is a puppy, French bulldog needs 4 meals per day and after it turns 1 year you can give it 2 smaller meals. They are not very crapulent so they will know when they have had enough food. Sometimes they don't eat a second meal and if this becomes regular, you give it just one meal per day. It is important for French bulldogs to always have fresh water too. French bulldogs can develop allergies on some industrial food so it is very important to consult with your vet about feeding your dog.

Health and care

french bulldog puppiesA good breeder is required when buying French bulldog puppies. It is very important to know from whom you are getting a French bulldog. If you are looking for French bulldogs as a pet be aware that this breed can have many innate health conditions. Therefore it is very important to find one with a good heritage. They can get ill, no matter if it is genetic or they have developed some sickness through life. That is not something to worry about upfront, because it can be put in control through special care and orderly vet exams. French bulldogs can develop heart condition, nostril inflammation, spine and hips diseases, allergies, and sometimes they can have "cherry eye" disease, but those are just possibilities if you don't take proper care of your dog. French bulldogs will enjoy taking a bath so it won't be very demanding to take care of your French bulldog. If you are looking for competitions and dog shows it would be little more complicated to take care of French bulldog because they would require more bathing and cleaning to be perfect. They don't tolerate heat very well too, so it is important not to expose dog to the sun a lot. They are pets for houses and apartments and should not be kept outside too much. They don't moult which makes them perfect indoor pets.

How to get them?

If you are looking for French bulldog for sale you are at the right place. It is very important to examine the dog that you want to buy because there are many bad French bulldog sellers which can sell you a dog that is more sensitive to illnesses. We have plenty of choices with pictures and information about the litter so you can be assured that you are getting the best from this wonderful breed.