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CKC purebred registered boxer puppies

CKC purebred registered boxer puppiesNjoynit2

Beautiful and super sweet CKC registered purebred Boxers. We are a family who simply love..
Boxer, Oregon » Damascus

Purebred Boxer puppies

Purebred Boxer puppiesalialover

I have five boxer puppies for sale! They are all very playful and have adorable personali..
Boxer, Colorado » Denver

Fawn & white Boxer Puppies

Fawn & white Boxer Puppiesredzeus32691

Fawn and White with black mask. All 4 paws have white. 11weeks old...
Boxer, Missouri » Lebanon Township

3 year old male boxer for sale

3 year old male boxer for saleStarlynrodas

3 year old boxer, very sweet boy and potty trained. He’s very mellow and calm and is fa..
Boxer, California » Winchester

Full Breed White Female Boxer

Full Breed White Female BoxerBasemaranto

Energetic 11 month old female boxer needs a fun and loving home. Current owner is single ..
Boxer, Louisiana » Parish Governing Authority District 4

CKC purebred registered boxer puppies

CKC purebred registered boxer puppiesNjoynit2

Beautiful and super sweet CKC registered purebred Boxers. We are a family who simply love..
Boxer, Oregon » Damascus

Selling my boxer dog

Selling my boxer doggracieargueza79 selling my boxer she is 9 months old female she's pure breed selling he..
Boxer, Florida » Orlando

Boxer puppies

Boxer puppiesmetalmikerobinson

2 females and 2 males available full blood boxers just want to make sure they go to good ..
Boxer, Oklahoma » Oklahoma City

Beautiful Quality AKC Boxer Puppies

Beautiful Quality AKC Boxer PuppiesMike Earhart

Beautiful AKC Boxer Puppies ready to go to their "furever" homes on March 17th. We offer ..
Boxer, Oregon » Salem

Full Blooded Boxer Puppiea

Full Blooded Boxer Puppieadanakendall69

We have 4 full blooded boxer puppies, two female and two males left. All vaccinated and d..
Boxer, Missouri » Johnson Township

puppy for sale

puppy for saleKrystalcdavis30

3 month old female boxer mix for sale. She’s so loving and a huge cuddler and loves top..
Boxer, Virginia » Woodbridge

Boxer puppy for sale

Boxer puppy for salepcollins777

Looking for good home for sweet, active boxer puppy. Good with kids and knows some basic ..
Boxer, Georgia » Lawrenceville


Boxer for sale

boxer for saleBoxers are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world, ranking number 4 in the list of the most popular dogs in the United States. They are loving, energetic family dogs who love their owners and they are attached to the family. If you are looking for a Boxer as a pet we will give you some information that you will find useful if you never had this magnificent breed. Boxers are very good dogs who likes to please and entertain their owners.

History of Boxer

Boxer was always popular breed among dog lovers. The most common thought is that origin of a Boxer is from Central Europe, from breeds Bulinbeiser and Brabender Bulinbeiser that don't exist anymore, and they were mixed with a French bulldog. Boxers became more and more popular in Germany where they were used as police dogs and military dogs. Boxers became more and more popular, and after military and police services this breed became very popular as a pet. Boxers have been used for hunting where they proved to be very good.

Physical characteristics

Boxer belongs to middle-sized group dogs, and there isn't a big difference between males and females. Average male weights 27-32kg with height 56-63cm, while females are slightly smaller with a weight of 24-29kg, and with height 53-59cm. Body shape is square-shape with very vivid and energetic movements. Boxer's back should be very straight. Chest of a Boxer is very strong and deep. What makes Boxer special is its head with a very powerful jaw with strong teeth. They have dark, big eyes. Fur is short and perfectly fit Boxer's elastic skin. Boxers can be either yellow or brindle color. The average lifespan of a Boxer is 8 to 10 years.

Temper of Boxer

Boxer is one of the calmest breeds in the world, but also, they are very playful. This breed is highly intelligent, very curious and very fast learner. Boxer is a very friendly dog who loves children. For the reason that they love children, sometimes they can be overprotective with them, so you have to be careful when you have visitors or guests. With proper socialization and practice, this problem can be solved. Boxer is always trying to impress its owners with lively playing. They always try to impress and cheer up owners. Since this breed is very brave and confident sometimes they can act as a dominant figure among other dogs, so proper socialization is very important part of developing your Boxer's temper.boxer sale

How should I take care of my Boxer?

Boxer is very easy to take care of. The fur needs to be brushed few times a week, a little more often during molting period. Overall, taking care of a Boxer should be a piece of cake. They have a lot of energy, so spending time with other dogs in the parks, or playgrounds would be an ideal place to spend all the energy. It is not necessary for them to run every day, so regular walks with occasional playground visits would be enough. Boxers do not do very well in the cold temperature so keeping your dog inside of the house, or in the dog house during winter period is a must. They do not like extreme temperatures, and like a cold weather, they do not enjoy warm summers. They will need a lot of water during hot periods, and it is best to take them for a walk in the period of the day when is not very hot. Boxer's health can be problematic sometimes even if you are taking perfect care. Cardio and heart-related diseases are common to this breed. Once-a-year vet checks are highly recommendable to examine heart and hips. Risk can be a brought to a minimum if you are regularly taking your Boxer pet to a vet, if you are taking proper care, and if you are sure that you picked healthy puppy from experienced and good owners.

How should I feed my Boxer?

In the first 15 months, it is important to feed your Boxer properly because bones have been formed in that period. Industrial Premium food is a perfect for developing period. Three to five meals per day would be perfect. After your Boxer reaches full growth, one meal per day would be enough. Grown Boxer you can feed with meat, milk, vegetables, and fruits. They love eating various foods, and they will enjoy everything from the list. Carrots are very good for their fur, so adding carrots or pumpkin would be highly beneficial to your Boxer pet. It is very important that your dog has fresh water all the time. They need water, especially during the summer period.

Is boxer easy to train?

boxer puppies for saleBoxer is a very intelligent breed and they love to please their owners so training your Boxer wouldn't be very hard. The best way of training your Boxer is with positive training. Treats and awards for the completed task would be ideal, and it will be joyful for you and your lovely dog. It is not recommendable to use old fashioned way of training and punishment because they are not responding very well to them, and they can get sensitive and sad because of it. Boxer will be a very good pet and training and practice would be a lot of fun, especially if you include a ball or a stick in training.

How can I get a Boxer pet?

If you are looking for a pet Boxer or a Boxer for sale you are at the right place. We are here to connect all dog lovers at one place. All puppies and pets that are waiting for their new home and family are taken with care and we are providing as many information as we can so that you can be well-informed and prepared for your new family member. Please be assured that you have collected a lot of information and that you are well-informed for new challenges and adventures with your pet Boxer.