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Looking To Rehome

Looking To RehomeSelena

Shiloh is a playful poogle waiting for his forever home. He is friendly and has a loyal..
Beagle, Pennsylvania » Plains Township

Buddy beagle

Buddy beagletreierty

Buddy was found roaming the highway by my neighbor and wandered to our home. Kids and wif..
Beagle, Oklahoma » Ada

9 beagle for sale

9 beagle for saleeversonn

9 puppies for sale. 5 girls 4 boys. Ready July 30. Contact Everson. Can be reached at xxx..
Beagle, Texas » Midway

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Puppies

Queen Elizabeth Pocket Beagle Puppiestherapypuppy

The smallest, most colorful beagle. Ideal companion beagle for pet or therapy, a Queen El..
Beagle, Tennessee » Chattanooga

Red Boy Puppy

Red Boy PuppyBartowBeagleBay

Very sweet male red beagle puppy. He will come with his AKC papers and his Florida vet ce..
Beagle, Florida » Bartow

5 Months Beagle Puppy, healthy, vaccinated and nutered

5 Months Beagle Puppy, healthy, vaccinated and nuteredvikastarade

A sweet, playful and healthy beagle - Charlie. Cannot spend enough time hence selling...
Beagle, Illinois » Aurora

Akc Beagle puppies

Akc Beagle puppiesmackkids

AKC Beagle puppies !..
Beagle, Michigan » Ridgeway Township

Beagle Puppies

Beagle Puppiesharveyabigail33

Fully vaccinated, AKC registered and DNA health tested puppies available ready to go to t..
Beagle, North Carolina » Charlotte

Re-homing my handsome fur-ever baby!

Re-homing my handsome fur-ever baby!Cmbreeden03

Theodore is affectionately called Theo. He is a9 month old beagle who is neutered, health..
Beagle, New Jersey » Union

Saling my beagle Ranger 16months old

Saling my beagle Ranger 16months oldJasonsisson83

Family beagle. Fun to play with, full of energy, sweet… Likes the water. Likes to hunt...
Beagle, Georgia » Rome

Re-homing my handsome fur-ever baby!

Re-homing my handsome fur-ever baby!Cmbreeden03

Theodore is affectionately called Theo. He is a9 month old beagle who is neutered, health..
Beagle, New Jersey » Union

1 year old male beagle

1 year old male beagletreierty

1 year old male purebred beagle (not neutered) Has all shots and wellness tests. Has id..
Beagle, Oklahoma » Ada


Beagle for sale

If you are looking for small, compact dog, which is very active and loves spending time outside sniffing around your house or yard and playing all day, Beagle is a perfect dog for you. Cute but very active and lively dog will be your best friend and with proper care and activity you and your new Beagle will have wonderful time. Beagle is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world but his cuteness can be deceiving because this breed demands active life with a lot of playing, discipline and running. If you prepare yourself for Beagle, both, you and your new family member will have happy and healthy life together.beagle for sale

Origin and a brief history

Beagle is a one of the oldest breeds in the world. It is believed that this breed originates from ancient Greece and later it was brought to the United Kingdom by Normans where Beagle became very popular. This breed was very convenient for hunting and popularity of it was growing rapidly. Beagle became very popular during the Elizabeth I where English hunter crossed Beagle with "rabbit dogs" where usage for hunting purposes Beagle became even more popular. After Beagle was brought to France where this breed was used for rabbit, fox, deer hunting, worldwide spreading started soon after. Beagle is now very popular dog all over the world.

Physical characteristics

Beagle is a small but very compact and strong dog. Physically is a very strong breed with powerful neck and chest, with straight back and tail which is middle height. Difference between male and female dogs is not very big. Male's weight is 10-11 while female's weight is somewhere between 9-10 kg while male's height is 36-41cm with female's height 33-38cm. Average lifespan of a Beagle is very long and it is 12-15 years at least. Beagle's head is very big compared to the rest of the body with beautiful long ears. Coat is soft and can be white, orange and black or just in two colors white and orange, or white and black.

Temper of Beagle

beagle puppies for saleBeagle has very calm temper and they are considered to be very intelligent. Beagle need to be occupied with something all the time and should be given tasks all the time. This breed is very brave dog and they are not afraid of much bigger dogs so they can play with everybody. They are perfect family dogs because they love children and they can play whole day. This breed is not aggressive at all and they enjoy playing with other dogs, animals and people. They are very friendly but also they love attention. When they get bored they bark and seek for attention. Because they are attention seekers they can be boring sometimes because they always want to play with their owner. It is not recommendable for Beagle to spend a lot of time alone because they can get depressed.

What food should I feed my Beagle?

Beagle loves to eat and you should be on a cautious because they will everything from the table if you are not looking. You should be careful with feeding your dog because they have tendency to overeat. They love to eat everything and they will sniff around and searching for food. Puppy Beagle should eat three times a day, after six months two times per day and when fully grown Beagle should eat only once per day. It is important to feed your Beagle with variety of foods. Turkey, Chicken and beef meat would be a very delicious meal to your dog but they should be regularly fed with vegetables like carrots, rice, corn, etc. It is very important to give them calcium when they are puppies. Beagle would eat basically anything but you should give them natural food with little bit of industrialized food. They would enjoy homemade food that one from pet stores.

Are they easy to train?

They are very smart and very easy to train but you have to be aware that this breed is bloodhound and when they smell something it will be very difficult to call your Beagle back. They love to learn and to be active so they would enjoy training and being occupied. The most important thing is to start training when your pet Beagle is a puppy and you have to be constant and disciplined. If you have any troubles with training you can get advices from professionals. One they are fully trained, your Beagle will be a very good dog whole his life because their behavior is very kind and they will listen its owner.

How should I take proper care of my Beagle?

beagle saleIf you are looking Beagle as a pet you have to give it a lot of attention. They demand a lot of time and physical activities. They like to run all over the house so when you are taking your pet Beagle outside for a walk they should run a lot and play with other dogs. Beagle doesn't like winter and cold weather so it is the best option to keep them in a house. They are moulting twice a year and other than that Beagle doesn't demand any special care. Beagle's ears should be cleaned very often because if it not taken proper care they can develop ear infection. Usually they are very healthy and this breed doesn't have any serious illnesses. With a proper care and regular vet visiting you will have perfectly healthy and happy Beagle who will be perfect family member for any family with or without children.

How to get one?

If you are looking for Beagle as a pet you are at the right place. We have plenty of Beagles for sale and with many choices you can select your perfect dog today. Make sure that you are well prepared and that you collected as many information as you can get. We will make sure that your new pet arrives safe and travel comfortably. Beagle will be perfect addition to your lovely family.