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Full breed Yorkie puppies

Full breed Yorkie puppies

Posted By: Sonia Vazquez

Hello, we have 3 males and 1 female yorkie puppies looking for their forever homes. They ..

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Chinchilla rehome

Chinchilla rehome

Posted By: Kayla

This is Bobo we think he is about 15 years old. He is a light grey color. He is friendly...

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Chinchilla rehome

Ashy Chinchilla Rat Rodents for sale in Gulfport, Mississippi. price: NAThis is Bobo we think he is about 15 years old. He is a light grey color. He is friendly. My sister has had him since she was 12. He is very healthy no problems except for his eyes do water and needs to be wiped regularly. Don't let his dust bath sit in his enclosure too long that causes his eyes to have problems. He eats very while. We feed him the plain chinchilla diet (only pellets) other wise he waste lots of food and only picks out the treats. He gets a few treat handed to him after he eats his food. He will need a new enclosure he is use to the 3 story ones. He loves to jump from the bottom shelves to the next one up in stead of taking the ramp lol. He loves to sleep in a hammock so you would want to get one of those. My sister is off at college and isn't interested in keeping him no more. Look to find him a good home for the rest of his senior years. He is still very active and doesn't show any signs in slowing down soon.Buy Now