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American Full Blooded Bully, Bully Pitbull, Bully Pit.

American Full Blooded Bully, Bully Pitbull, Bully Pit.asiku7e7

6 Months old, birth date xx-xx-xxxx. Best male/female companion, super friendly American ..
American Bully, Texas » Houston

Lilac blue male available

Lilac blue male availableDms423864

Ukc, 14 weeks ,block head, good foundation bape and devil bloodlines,..
American Bully, Maryland » Towson

Forever home wanted

Forever home wantedhazelskykennel

ABKC registered shots and dewormed ready to go home today pocket size American bullies..
American Bully, Georgia » Zebulon

Looking for my forever home!!

Looking for my forever home!!hazelskykennel

10 weeks old UKC registration shots and dewormed really to go home today pocket size..
American Bully, Georgia » Zebulon

American Bully XL

American Bully XLblock40kennels

American Bully, Florida » Miami

American Bully Puppy For Sale

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8 Week Old Male American Bully Comes With Papers Up To Date On Vaccinations..
American Bully, Maryland » Bowie

1 yr old spayed pitbull:

1 yr old spayed pitbull:angelkitty383

Trying to rehome our female spayed pitbull Zara. She is up to date on everything I have v..
American Bully, Indiana » Sunman

Baby boy Blue614

Baby boy Blue614kristopherowens614

He is a loving dog. I am going on deployment and have to part ways with him. He is potty ..
American Bully, California » San Diego

Forever home wanted

Forever home wantedhazelskykennel

ABKC registered shots and dewormed ready to go home today pocket size American bullies..
American Bully, Georgia » Zebulon

Grey and white bullies looking for new homes

Grey and white bullies looking for new homesRaymundowc214

Healthy big bully xl pups looking for home Color (grey and white)..
American Bully, Texas » Dallas

Bully pup for sale

Bully pup for saleKendalehenderson017

I’m selling her because I moving we’re can’t have dogs but I had a litter she’s o..
American Bully, Louisiana » Baton Rouge

UKC Bullies

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UKC Bullies Papers in hand Fully Vaccinated and dewormed Price range between 1000-20..
American Bully, Tennessee » Nashville


American Bully for Sale

If you are thinking of getting an American Bully for a pet, you are at the right place. We will give you plenty of information related to this magnificent breed. We want you to be as ready as possible for buying or adopting American Bully. If you don't know a lot about this breed we will provide you with information that you need to know as a first-time owner. Our advice is to consult with someone who owns or previously owned American Bully. This breed needs a lot of attention and care, but if you taking a proper care, you will have amazing pet for the whole family.american bully for sale

American Bully history

American Bully is an extension of Pit Bull Terrier. It has a lot of similarity to this breed, but there are also influences from English Bulldog and Old English Bulldog. Though the American Bully seems like is very similar to Bulldogs, they are a different breed, and approach should be different. As of July 15, 2013, the United Kennel Club has recognized that American Bully is a different breed of other breeds.

Physical characteristics of American Bully

A very compact and strong body is the speciality of this breed. There also must be a proper muscle tone and correct athletic proportions. The head should also be in proportion to the body. American Bully average height is 33-53cm, with an average weight of 31-54kg.
Based on the type, American Bully can be divided into 5 categories- classic, pocket, standard, extreme, extra-large (XL). Bully Standard - In spite of being a small sized dog, Bully Standard is a very compact and strong dog. They are very gentle, and they had a kind temper. They love their owners and they bond easily. Small, little bit rough, but overall, very gentle dog.
Bully Classic - Bully classic has little smaller body mass and a little bit lighter than Standard Bully. They are similar to Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier but with little bit more bones and substance. The overall characteristic to look for this breed is its little lighter body.
Bully Pocket - This type of breed has every characteristic of American Bully, but it is shorter than rest of types of the breed.
Bully Extreme - Bully Extreme is very similar to Bully Standard, and basically there are no main differences.
Bully XL - This is the biggest type of American Bully breed. Bully XL has the same characteristics, temperament, and appearance of other Bully breeds, but it is taller than rest of them.american bully sale

Temper of American Bully

The temper of the American Bully is completely different than it looks. American Bully is an amazing pet who is gentle, and very loving towards people. It is a perfect family dog. Loyal, outgoing happy, amusing are characteristics that best describe this breed. American Bully is very courageous and intelligent dog. They have an extreme tolerance for children so they can be around babies too. They are not aggressive breed at all. American Bully is a well-rounded, reliable, trustworthy and ideal family companion. This breed has a very high tolerance for pain. They require a lot of attention and love, but they are very loyal and eager to please, so everything you give to them it will be worth it.

Feeding American Bully

American Bully puppy requires 3-5 smaller meals per day. Premium industrial food is recommended for the growth of a dog, with the addition of fruit, vegetables, vitamins, and calcium. When the dog reaches 6 months, 3 meals per day is enough. When a dog is fully grown it is recommended 300-500g portions. Food should be mixed and different with a lot of vegetables like tomato, celery, carrots, etc. Pay attention and talk to the vet to discover what is the best food for your lovely American Bully and what food you should avoid. There is different food for every breed, and you have to find out what is the best food for your dog.

Training of American Bully

It is very important to give your American Bully adequate training. It is a must for every owner. The training should start as soon as dog arrives at your home. They are very lovingly and gentle, but they need discipline and they need to be trained and socialized. They need to learn to be obedient to owners and family. It takes a lot of work and patience in training. The Older dog is harder to train, but puppies are much easier to train. The best way to training an American Bully is through positive training and awards. The old-fashioned way is not recommendable because they can develop fear or anger because of that. With a little patience and time, this breed is trainable, and it can be hard or easy, it depends on dog and owner. Overall, they are easy to train when they are puppies when they are older they develop habits which are harder to train.

Taking care of American Bully

american bully puppies for saleSince American Bully has a short-haired coat which is smooth, they are very easy to groom. Regular brushing with occasional bathing is enough. Regular vet visits are recommendable because this breed can have health problems. Sometimes American Bullies can have heart problems, so healthy feeding and regular vet visits should be enough. The most important thing to have your pet safe and healthy is choosing right puppy. When they are puppies, American Bully will need vitamins and calcium for bones and healthier growth. Consultation with owners of who you are buying your dog is very important. Overall it doesn't take a lot to have happy and healthy American Bully pet.

How to get American Bully

We are offering you plenty of choices so that you can choose perfect American Bully puppy for you and your family. The best way to get the perfect puppy is with consultation and conversation with people who are selling or giving it to adoption. Be careful and be sure that you have a lot of time and desire to take care of American Bully. They are wonderful pets which need a lot of attention and love to be fully happy.