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Two Brothers looking for a home together

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I have two brothers we rescued back in 2019 and are two years old. They have been together their whole lives and I prefer not to separate the two as one of them takes awhile to warm up in new surroundings. They are both sweet cats that love cuddles and are considered large for their breed. I lost my job during the pandemic and have a kids at home that require the little funds I am receiving currently. They love to lounge by the window and will chase and fight with one another. They love to sleep and lounge in comfortable places. Not only will you get the cats you will get their belongings as well: One pet carrier - they were small enough to fit when I adopted them but only one fits now. A water fountain so you don’t have to refill their water daily. Four bowls to feed them. Two large vacation feeders in case you need to go away and want to ensure your pets are fed. A box of litter and four litter boxes- Two regular pans, one electric Littermaid and one Breeze system with pellets and pads Cat treats- three containers One bag of dry food- the cats eat dry food quickly and end up tossing it up so you may want to mix with wet food so that does not happen. A cat hair mitten and brush for grooming Two grooming bags to allow you to wash them as they hate water. Some grooming products that I have left. Two collars although they take them off. Two water spray bottles to assist in training them off furniture. A used cat tree. Two cat beds. A laser pointer A tunnel and a cat toy that goes around that they chase and love. These cats can jump so high off the wall when playing with the laser pointer it is impressive. One of the cats may have a urinary tract infection as his pee has a funny smell and I just cannot afford a vet visit at the moment. Which is why I am looking to rehome them as they deserve top notch care and my financial situation is not allowing for this currently. They normally eat Blue Buffalo dry and wet food but I had to switch to Nature’s Promise to save money. I have their original paperwork from their adoption. I call them Oogie and Boogie after my favorite movie Nightmare Before Christmas. Honestly they are sweet boys but the cat who takes awhile to warm up(Boogie) has scratched my one year old son for yanking his hair it was not a deep cut but a simple Pat with his paws to the baby’s head that resulted in a scratch since they have nails. This same cat when you are petting him gets overstimulated and when slightly grab your hand and his nails will catch you but he will not dig them in just lightly press. They like to climb and you will find them in some weird places in your home but they are easy to get down just say down. Honestly I would let any family willing to adopt both do so for free as along as they are going to a loving home and will not be mistreated. I want the best for them. Oogie is the cat I believe that has the urinary tract infection but he is the sweetest boy who talks to you via his meows. Oogie also loves to leave your ass and explore outside but he has gotten out three times only as I am afraid he will get hurts as we live by busy streets. Boogie is a scary cat and will stay hidden when you have company over, jumps when there are loud sounds, runs away when you come near thinking he is in trouble but he will warm up at one point and come get love. He does not go outside as he is afraid so when his brother got out , he stayed behind to tell us his brother was missing.

Seller  Cuevasst
Ad ID  351272
Published  30+ days ago
Pet  Cats
Breed  Tabby Breed Info
Location  Milford, CT 06460, USA
Price  $200
Impressions  552
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