American Staffordshire Terrier vs American Bulldog - Breed Comparison

American Staffordshire Terrier vs American BulldogAmerican Bulldog is originated from United States but American Staffordshire Terrier is originated from United Kingdom. American Bulldog may grow 22 cm / 9 inches higher than American Staffordshire Terrier. American Bulldog may weigh 27 kg / 60 pounds more than American Staffordshire Terrier. Both American Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier has same life span. Both American Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier has almost same litter size. Both American Bulldog and American Staffordshire Terrier requires Low Maintenance.

Basic Information

Working dog
Terrier dog
United States
United Kingdom
Height Male:
55 - 70 cm
21 - 28 inches
43 - 48 cm
16 - 19 inches
Height Female:
52 - 65 cm
20 - 26 inches
40 - 47 cm
15 - 19 inches
Weight Male:
32 - 54 kg
70 - 120 pounds
18 - 27 kg
39 - 60 pounds
Weight Female:
27 - 45 kg
59 - 100 pounds
15 - 23 kg
33 - 51 pounds
Life Span:
14 - 16 Years
12 - 16 Years
Litter Size:
10 - 12
5 - 10
Other Names:
shades of brindle including red brindle, varying degrees of white, red, brown, tan, fawn and piebald.
Staffy • Staffie • Stafford • Staff • Am Staff • Amstaff • American Staffy
Colors Available:
Brindle, mostly white, white with brown or red and piebald.
Short and smooth
smooth, Single
Affectionate, Courageous, Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective
Alert, Courageous, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Playful, Stubborn
Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:


american bulldogFollowing World War II, the American Bulldog was almost extinct.

Thanks to John D. Johnson from Summerville, Georgia the breed is still with us today. He gathered the best dogs he could find throughout the rural South and bred them back into popularity among his family and other rural families. His father bred the American Bulldog before John did and they have bred them longer than any other in any part of the world. His dogs were regularly used for tracking, hunting, guarding, watchdog and weight pulling. At some point Alan Scott joined Johnson breeding other bulldogs to Johnson's and forming the Standard American Bulldog.

The American Bulldog is popular today as a family pet and companion as well as a working dog.

american staffordshire terrierThe American Staffordshire Terrier is a part of all the confusion surrounding the group of “pit bulls”. The American Staffordshire Terrier is directly related to the English Bull Terrier and English Terrier. The breed of the English Staffordshire Terrier was bred in the early 19th century in the West Midlands. It was not until later that the breed came from Staffordshire. These English Staffordshire Terriers are also the source of contention by breeders who insist it was the Fox Terrier, White English Terrier, Tan and Black Terrier that are the ancestors of the English Staffordshire Terrier.

These terriers (AKA pit bull terrier) came to the United States in the mid 1800’s. By the late 1890’s they were accepted by the United Kennel Club (UKC)as the American Pit Bull Terrier – a new and distinct breed. There were also some that were accepted into the AKC as the Staffordshire Terrier. In England they were still known as the American Staffordshire Terrier. When the AKC accepted the breed in 1936 they were given a new standard, new purpose and new group – the terrier. In 1969 the American Kennel Club recognized these dogs as American Staffordshire Terriers and refused to recognize the American Pit Bull Terrier. The name was changed to move the breed away from its characterization as a bull fighter and to distinguish it from the smaller English Staffordshire Terrier. All American Staffordshire Terriers are directly related to the American Pit Bull Terriers.


american bulldog puppyThe American Bulldog is a powerful and muscular dog in a sturdy and compact frame. The female is more refined than the heavy boned and stocky male, but both genders are athletic, agile and quick. The have large heads, strong jaws, a muscular neck and with a moderately deep and wide chest.

They have a square head, with muscular cheeks I and a clearly defined furrow between his eyes. With broad, square and strong muzzles, they have a reverse scissors, scissors, moderate underbite and an even bite. Ears come in a variety of shapes and sizes and eyes can be any color as well. The nose however should be black and lips black as well. Their legs are strong, heavy boned and straight with well-defined muscles in the hindquarters. Finally ,they have a thick, low set tail that comes to a point at the end.

american staffordshire terrier puppyThe American Staffordshire Terrier is a strong, powerful dog – stocky, muscular and graceful. At one point in time the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier were considered to be the same breed. Even today there are those that make that argument, but they have been recognized outside the AKC as separate breeds. The AKC only recognizes the American Staffordshire Terrier and not the APBT. However – even though there have been decades of separation in breeding the American Staffordshire Terrier and the American Pit Bull Terrier are the very same dogs genetically.

The American Staffordshire Terrier has a broad skull, high set ears and pronounced cheek bones. Their ears should not be cropped by AKC standards and their eyes are far apart, round and dark. With a medium sized muzzle and a heavy muscular back, they are as powerful as they look, if not more so. Most have black noses. The AmStaff has a broad, deep chest with wide set forelegs and compact feet. The tail is short and tapered and it should not be docked.

Health Problems

american bulldog dogThough generally healthy, the American Bulldog is prone to a few problems.

Hip Dysplasia

This is a serious issue in many breeds of dogs and is especially prevalent with the American Bull Dog. This may seem ironic in such a short legged dog but it is unfortunately very common. It is a genetic disorder that causes the bones in the joint to separate and causes the dog much pain and lameness.

Skin and Ear Issues

Due to skin folds you need to be care and watch for irritation and infection in the folds. They are also prone to ear infections.


The American Bulldog is prone to overeating and all the health issues that presents. With short legs and a genetic predisposition to arthritis and hip dysplasia, obesity is a real health risk for your bulldog.

american staffordshire terrier dogFor the most part the American Staffordshire Terrier, like most of the “pit bulls” is a hearty, healthy dog. They have a few tendencies that breeders should test for including hip dysplasia, allergies, and heart issues. They can test for Cerebellar ataxia, which has affected the AmStaff with a progressive decline in their ability to control their muscles and coordination.

Caring The Pet

Feeding Puppies

american bulldog puppiesThree times a day from 12 weeks to a year for a total of 3 cups per day.

Feeding Adults

After 6 months cut back to one cup twice a day of high quality dry dog food.

Bulldogs will eat anything at anytime and are prone to obesity. Don't overfeed them.

american staffordshire terrier puppiesfeed You can feed your American Staffordshire Terrier either commercially purchased food or food you make yourself if the quality is high, nutrition is good, and the amount eaten is determined by the owner. Do not free feed. The AmStaff has the tendency to become obese. Its ok to use treats for training and rewards, as long as its use is controlled.

Health issues

As previously mentioned the American AmStaff Terrier has a tendency toward a few health issues. Hip Dysplasia – this condition causes a lot of pain and disability. It leads to different types of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Cardiac Issues – Congenital heart disease consists of vessel malformation and lesions.


Thyroid Issues

The AmStaff can be susceptible to Autoimmune Thyroiditis. This is a form of hypothyroidism developed by dogs. It is usually seen between 2 and 5 years of age. Continual retesting is recommended.

Cerebellar Ataxia

This is the most dangerous disease possibility that the American Staffordshire Terrier faces. There is a test for this condition which causes the AmStaff to display an inability to control their muscles and a loss of balance, to the point of falling. This is a progressive disease that often leads to euthanasia. The Staffordshire Terrier Club of America suggests that AmStaffs carrying the NCL genes should never be bred.

Exercise and games

The American Staffordshire Terrier is an energetic, and athletic dog that loves to play and needs plenty of exercise. This breed is oriented to people and should never be left alone in the yard all day as a way for her to exercise. She needs you to play with her. If you cannot do this, then you should not own this breed of dog. This breed also loves to play canine sports. They thrive on games like dock diving, agility and obedience competitions. They excel at search and rescue. These are competitive dogs that want nothing more then to please their people.


american bulldog dogsThe American Bulldog is characteristically loyal, brave and reliable. It is a friendly, gentle dog that truly loves children. There is not a hostile bone in his body despite his history and reputation for bull baiting. Though he is protective of its family and affectionate with most, he still needs a human companion who is strong willed and a genuine pack leader. Without this he might become aggressive around other dogs and pets. They are immensely self-confident and they do slobber and drool and will become excited and hard to handle without daily exercise of both their body and their minds.

american staffordshire terrier dogsThe American Staffordshire Terrier is a loving, gentle dog that wants nothing more than to be with and please his people. Contrary to his reputation as a “killer”, this dog is actually a lover. They are great with children and want to be a part of the family. They even think they are lap dogs, regardless of their size. They are never going to be aggressive toward people and even though they are not one-person dogs, they are loyal, and they are devoted to the family and the “leader of the pack”.

This breed can tell who is their friend and who is not. They are not aggressive, but they will protect their own. They are courageous, confident, attentive, bold and strong-willed. The AmStaff gets along with other dogs most of the time, but they will never back down from a challenge and should never be left unsupervised with another dog. They should not be loose in a neighborhood or at a dog park. No matter how much you trust your American Staffordshire Terrier they can be killers in any fight with another dog.

In addition to this you must socialize and train your AmStaff. You need to be the pack leader and be in control. The AmStaff wants to please you so for a strong leader they will respond positively to positive training. They are intelligent and pick up quickly on what you want them to do. However, they are incredibly strong physically so training them to heel and walk with you obediently is a must. A well trained and exercised American Staffordshire Terrier is a happy dog and a loyal family dog.

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