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Squirrel Monkey for sale

If you are looking for Squirrel monkeys for sale first thing that you should do is to know that squirrel monkeys are not domestic animals. They are wild animals and before getting one, you have to be well-informed about those lovely exotic creatures. It is advisable that you consult someone who has experience with owning Squirrel monkey. With proper care and healthy environment they can be lovely pets who can bring joy to people. It is very challenging and necessary to be educated and always have to be aware that Squirrel monkeys are wild animals.Squirrel Monkey For Sale

Squirrel monkey natural habitat and origin

Squirrel monkeys natural habitat is forest and jungles in Central and South America. They enjoy humid climate. The most of those beautiful creatures live in Amazon forest but they can be found in Costa Rica and Panama. They prefer living near stream or some water source because it is safer environment for them. They are very active during the day, and can be found in the middle part of the forest because there are many predators on the ground, while danger from the big birds keeps them away from upper parts of the trees. They are very old specie. Some researches tell us that Squirrel monkeys are 1.5 million years old.

Squirrel monkey physical characteristics

On the first sight male and female looks like the same size but males tend to be little larger than females. Average height of a squirrel monkey is 25 to 35 cm long and with a tail 35-42cm. Male squirrels weight between 750 to 1100g while females weight 500 to 750g. They have short and close fur which is usually black at the shoulders and yellow to orange on back and arms and legs. Throat and ears are white with black mouth. Upper part of their head is little hairier than rest of the body. Their life span is between 15- 20 years. Squirrel monkeys are very quick. They can run approximately 35 km per hour.

Squirrel monkey temper

How to get How to getSquirrel monkeys are very intelligent animals. They are very sociable and in the wildness their group counts around 40-50 animals, but some of them can contain around 500 monkeys. If you are looking for squirrel monkeys for sale you have to know that this specie is one of the most demanding species to hold as a pet. Squirrel monkeys request a lot of time and play every day. When they are young they are very cute, but while they grow older they can be aggressive and short tempered which can cause problems to owners. Their demands are rarely met so humans are behaving wrongly when they have them as a pet. They can be very aggressive and attack when they are provoked. You have to be very sensitive to their mood changes. They do not adapt very well to new situations and changes.

Squirrel monkey training

Before getting a squirrel monkey you have to remember that this is not domestic animal and some habits simply cannot be changed. There is no any specific training that it is advisable and recommendable. They can be potty trained but not fully so it is suggestable that, when they in the house, squirrel monkeys wear diapers. They should not be without supervision for a long time, and they need to play and to have constant attention. When they are neglected they could be very destructive and depressed, some of them even throw their own feces all over the house.

Squirrel monkey health and care

Squirrel monkey health and careIf you want to have happy and healthy Squirrel monkey you will have to give him a lot of attention and time. Like we said already, they are not domestic animals so they have to be treated gently and without upsetting them. Squirrel monkeys can transmit a lot of diseases and they will require regular vet visits. If you want Squirrel monkey as a pet you will have to be very careful, and first thing when you get it you will have to do full health analyzes. With proper care, regular bath and healthy diet, Squirrel monkeys can live 15-20 years. They will also require a lot of water which they take in nature through food and trees.

Squirrel monkey food

Due to their diverse diet it won't be hard to feed them but, still, they eat a lot of different food. In nature they love to eat tree frogs, insects, fruits, vegetables, leaves and bugs. If you are looking for Squirrel monkeys for pets you will have to feed him with a lot of ripe fruits and vegetables, seeds, occasionally with insects and bugs, also they love to eat honey and flowers. It is not very hard to feed Squirrel monkeys because they are omnivore but you have to be careful and watch its behavior while you are feeding it and you will realize what it likes the most.

How to get one?

If you are looking for Squirrel monkeys for sale you are at the right place. After all consulting and learning about those magnificent wild creatures you can look at our website for many choices. After your decision you can have further consultation with owners or people who are selling those. It is very important, if you want for your pet to have happy life and for good relationship with all family with pet to know what to do, and to be well prepared for any possible situations.