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10 month year old Siberian Husky for Sale

10 month year old Siberian Husky for Salerobayohayley

Her name is Blue and she is very playful! She loves to play catch and run around. She is ..
Siberian Husky, Pennsylvania » Philadelphia

Puppy for sale

Puppy for saleDavidlopea4

Shes 9 weeks and has her first shots I just don’t have time to be playing with her or t..
Siberian Husky, Arizona » Phoenix

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale

Siberian Husky Puppies for Saleem0048725

Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale Siberian Husky Puppies for Sale Siberian Husky Puppies..
Siberian Husky, New Jersey » Midland Park

Looking for new home

Looking for new homeShawngorman

Looking for a new home he is 1 years old hoping to find a good family for him..
Siberian Husky, Florida » Kissimmee

Husky-Wolf Hybrid

Husky-Wolf Hybridjustinleffert

We have a litter of Husky-Wolf Hybrid puppies that are ready to go to their forever home!..
Siberian Husky, Virginia » Sutherland

Red Siberian Huskies

Red Siberian HuskiesLinseydriesbach88

We have a male and female left they be 8 weeks old September 13th 2021. They come up to d..
Siberian Husky, Indiana » Richland Township

Siberian husky

Siberian huskyvgniomi15

Hi I'm selling my Siberian husky. She's 3 years old and her name is Athena..
Siberian Husky, California » Compton



9weeks old price is firm. 2nd shots on Saturday. Shes been raised around kids and cats an..
Siberian Husky, California » Antelope



I am selling 1 male 1 female puppies. Are now 7 weeks old, ready to go to a home and read..
Siberian Husky, Arizona » Mesa

Siberian husky puppy for sale

Siberian husky puppy for salecheyennejohnson9

Hinata, Henny, as she is affectionately called is a beautiful 6mo old puppy with lots of ..
Siberian Husky, Virginia » Virginia Beach

Husky needs new home

Husky needs new homeespiesandoval

She's about 2 yrs of age. Up to date on vaccines. She doesn't get along with my other fem..
Siberian Husky, California » Montclair

Siberian husky For Sale

Siberian husky For SaleIrenegogos18

6 month old female husky, very energetic playful & loving dog. Gets along with childr..
Siberian Husky, New York » Hempstead


Siberian husky for sale

siberian husky for saleIf you are looking for Siberian husky as a pet you have to be aware that this magnificent breed is not just beautiful but also demands care and attention. They not only just look like wolves, but they are dogs with needs and energy that has to be spent with everyday walks and running. This is one of the most popular breeds and not just because of their beautiful look, but also because of their kind and friendly temper. They are very good family dogs, working and active dogs, and they are very good with children, so there are many reasons to get yourself a Siberian husky puppy. If you already know some information about this breed and you are looking for Siberian husky for sale we will give you some good advices and tips how to have joyful and smooth life with your new pet.

History of Siberian husky

Siberian husky's homeland is Siberia. This breed is older than 2000 years and since that they are helping people survive in the coldest parts of the world. Ancestors of Siberian husky were original sled dog and Eskimo dog. Huskies have been used for North and South Pole expeditions due to their winter and extreme cold weather resistance. They were involved in many actions that were important to humanity from helping bringing medications from town to town to gold rush Alaska expeditions.

Physical characteristics of Siberian husky

Siberian Huskies are very strong, working dogs. Male's weight is between 20 27kg, and weights between 49 61cm. Females are little smaller than males but there are no significant difference. Their life span is 12-15 years. Siberian huskies have beautiful, brown or blue eyes and sometimes they can even have different colors. Their double fur makes them resistant to extremely cold temperatures like -50 degrees Celsius. Fur can be in different types of colors but the most common are gray and white, but it can be white with gray, black and red. They are very strong breed. Interesting thing about Siberian huskies is that they don't bark, they howl.siberian husky sale


Huskies are very friendly and intelligent dogs. It can be challenging to handle them because due to their intelligence they can refuse to follow commands if they don't like it at the moment. It is recommended for huskies to spend time with other animals from early age. They love playing with other pets and they love being around people. They are very good dogs if you have children. Huskies are very gentle dogs. If they are not active they can be destructive and sometimes they can chew something in the house or make a mess. They are not aggressive dogs so they are also friendly with strangers. Sometimes they are considered to be escape artists because they can jump really high or they can dig a whole and escape from yard or house.

How should I feed my Siberian husky?

Huskies love to eat everything. They can eat industrial food, meat and vegetables, bones and basically anything that you give them. Mixing of industrial food with vegetables and pieces of meat would be very tasty meal for your Siberian husky. It is important not change completely their diet because it can cause digestive problems. Sometimes they can get bored if the meal is exactly the same, but adding extra meat or something that your pet is not used to eat can be very delicious to it. It is recommendable to give full grown dog roughly 500g of food every day, in a one meal. While puppies can eat three times a day smaller portions of food. Huskies will eat enough amount of food and when they feel fed they will stop eating.

Health and care

Siberian huskies are considered to be one of the healthiest breeds. The most of health issues are genetic. The most common ones are seizures and defects on the eye. But if you check your dog's heritage and with regular vet visits they can be live happy and healthy life. If you are looking for Siberian husky for sale you have to know that regular activities are very important for them. They enjoy running and playing outside so it would be the best if you take them for a walk two or three times per day. Fur is not very demanding and doesn't require any special care because they can clean themselves. Only moulting two times per year might be demanding extra cleaning, but overall, they are very easy to take care of.

Are they easy to train?

siberian husky puppies for saleDue to their high intelligence, huskies are very easy to train. They are very calm and friendly breed so there shouldn't be any problems. Sometimes they can refuse to follow the command but overall, they are very good breed for training. They require socializing from puppy period. Siberian huskies love to play with other dogs and they are very friendly. Sometimes they can be aggressive towards cats or smaller animals but with socializing your puppy with them, there will not be any problems. If you have a Siberian husky puppy make sure that you established yourself as "alpha" because then your dog will listen and follow commands. It is highly recommended to use awards for good behavior and while training. It is not suggested to use old fashioned ways of punishment. They can lose trust in owner if they are punished by beating. Using words like "no" or "stop" is much better for training then violence. Try to use as much vocabulary as you can. Knowing words can build a trust to your Siberian husky because they gain more confidence that owner is a leader.

How to get one?

If you are looking for Siberian husky for sale you are at the right place. It is very important to choose good puppy because of the genetic health issues this dog might have. We have many puppies to choose from with information about them. This will help you to get a pet and a family member who will be amazing companion in any adventure.