Cockapoo Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Cockapoo for Sale

Toy dog
United States
Height Male:
25 - 38 cm9 - 15 inches
Height Female:
25 - 38 cm9 - 15 inches
Weight Male:
5 - 11 kg11 - 25 pounds
Weight Female:
5 - 11 kg11 - 25 pounds
Life Span:
13 - 15 Years
Litter Size:
4 - 6
Other Names:
Spoodle, Cockerpoo, Cockerdoodle
Colors Available:
white, blonde, brown or black - sometimes tri-colored, cream, Tan
Medium length, silky, curly or wavy
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Sweet
Moderate Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Cockapoo for Sale

cockapooThe gorgeous Cockapoo is a mixed-breed dog. He comes from mixing the Cocker Spaniel with a Poodle.Both these dogs have their own histories.

Known as a ‘designer dog’, the Cockapoo has been around since the 1950s in the United States already, although pure-breed associations don’t recognize the Cockapoo. There are some dog clubs that are working to establish the Cockapoo as a recognized breed.The Cockapoo Club of America was founded in 1998.

Description - Cockapoo for Sale

cockapoo puppy - descriptionThe Cockapoo is a mixed breed- or hybrid dog that has become very popular in recent years. He is a small dog, but robust, and stands between 25 – 38cm in height and weighs between 5 and 11kg.

The Cockapoo has floppy ears, and the tail has always been docked to give the dog an attractive, distinctive look. Without tail docking, the natural tail is long.

The coat color of cockapoos is varied and can be anything like tan, white, cream, blonde, brown or black and sometimes even a combination of these colors. Cockapoo coats can vary from silky smooth to tight curls, although they usually fall somewhere in between.

He is a low shedder and you’ll often hear him being described as hypoallergenic, which is an advantage for Cockapoo owners who might be allergic to pet hair.


He is small and robust, always ready for a game and is loving, with a sweet, alert expression on his face. Even as an adult, his antics and looks make one think that he is just a big puppy.

He makes a wonderful pet and gets on well with adults and children as well as other pets. He is intelligent and can be easily trained, and when you shower him with attention he is a happy, energetic, social, fun-loving dog who goes out of his way to please you and be the perfect pet.

The personality of the Cockapoo isn’t set in stone and while one dog may be territorial and somewhat aggressive, others aren’t. Many dogs simply turn out according to the way they are raised.

Characteristics - Cockapoo for Sale

cockapoo dog - characteristicsCockapoos have become popular pets because they have a host of good qualities from both the breeds that make this pet – the cocker spaniel and the poodle.

They are jaunty, sweet looking, amicable, social, fun-loving, devoted, loyal, loving and low-shedding as an added perk. He loves spending time with his human family and will become unhappy and bored if he isn’t made to feel absolutely part of the family.

Look after your Cockapoo, because when you provide him with good food, you take time to exercise him and you love him to bits, you’ll find that you’ve got in him all the makings of a wonderful friend.

Health Problems - Cockapoo for Sale

cockapoo puppies - health problemsThe Cockapoo is generally a healthy, good tempered, mix-breed dog and with good care he can live to be anything from 13 – 15 years of age and even older.

Although you’re not likely to find any serious health problems with the Cockapoo, it is wise to know that there are many common dog illnesses that attack any dog, including the Cockapoo. Some of these are hip dysplasia, ear infections, dental disease which can affect other parts of the body as well as eye disorders.

Referring to ear infections, as a long-eared dog, the ears will need to be cleaned with the Cockapoo to avoid ear infections. Simple cleaning methods are explained at the veterinarian. Some eye conditions like progressive retina atrophy are common in both the dogs that make the Cockapoo.

Caring The Pet - Cockapoo for Sale


cockapoo dogs - caringThe Cockapoo can have a long, straightish coat or it can be wavy or curly. The coat will need a good brushing at least twice a week to avoid matting. He may well need a trip to the doggy parlor to have his hair professionally clipped.

What is also noticeable about this dog is that he is odorless too. Bathing him doesn’t have to be a regular occurrence at all, as too much bathing strips the coat of its natural oils, irritating and drying out the skin.


The Cockapoo is an energetic little dog and he will require exercise from you. Make it fun for him seeing that he is a fun loving dog, and take him on walks and have ball games with him.


There are many different commercially produced dog foods, and some of the top quality ones offer an excellent mix of meat, fish or poultry in them with vitamins and minerals.

These top quality foods are usually found at your vet or in special pet stores and are not ordinarily found at the supermarket. Make sure to feed your Cockapoo the right amount of food according to the label on the packaging.

You can also include cooked brown rice, vegetables and chicken into his kibble to give him some variety and give him some raw meat in his diet from time to time. This will help with avoiding skin allergies. Make sure he always has access to clean, cool water.

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