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Chinchillas for sale, baby males, baby female, adult bonded pair Frede

Chinchillas for sale, baby males, baby female, adult bonded pair FredeNbwhite02

Friendly, gray chins for sale to a caring home. Adult bonded pair must stay together. Bon..

Chinchilla, Virginia » Spotsylvania County
Peach, is a 13 year old chinchilla. Comes with everything I have.

Peach, is a 13 year old chinchilla. Comes with everything I have.Tgjohns00

She is sweet, needs her cage cleaned once weekly, food refilled twice weekly, and enjoys ..

Chinchilla, Michigan » Midland
looking for new home for pet rat

looking for new home for pet ratemmagoldiegirl

cute female white with brown spots pet rat, very sweet and fun, easy to take care of..

Feeder Rats, Arizona » Maricopa
2 female Guinea pigs

2 female Guinea pigsKimbob332

2 adorable 1 1/2 year old sisters. Very cuddly and lovable! Need a loving home. Price is ..

Guinea Pig, Illinois » Joliet
Male chocolate standard Sheepadoodle

Male chocolate standard SheepadoodleDannylisa Vaughn

Male chocolate Sheepadoodle. He is so sweet and very laid back. He is 8 weeks on Wednesda..

Sheepadoodle, Ohio » Middletown
Guinea pig

Guinea pigKouavang93

She a young but not baby is good with outher animal and children..

Guinea Pig, Minnesota » Saint Paul
Make hedghog

Make hedghogTatiana mediavilla

I had this hedgehog for literally only 2 months so he’s still new to me. I have a baby ..

Hedgehog, New Jersey » Garfield
3 Guinea Pigs

3 Guinea PigsKellytaylorbrooks

I have 3 Guinea pigs needing to be re-homed. I am moving and the place doesn’t except r..

Guinea Pig, Colorado » Thornton
Pitsky Mixed Pups born 9/28/22

Pitsky Mixed Pups born 9/28/22Porschancastillo

Pitsky…husky bully mixed born 9/28/22. Mom bully dad husky who broke in back yard. Pupp..

Mixed, California » Fairfield
Hamster needs a new home and comes with lots of stuff!

Hamster needs a new home and comes with lots of stuff!simjuliet70

I need to find my hamster a new home, he’s super sweet and loving!! I’m selling him w..

Hamster, Idaho » Nampa
Sugar gliders for sale

Sugar gliders for salechernandez2542

Male and Female sugar glider for sale with home and all..

Sugar Glider, Florida » Odessa
Guinea pig to good home!

Guinea pig to good home!Leslie P.

Our guinea pig, Wibey, needs a new home. She is healthy and lively. My daughter got her i..

Guinea Pig, Indiana » Center Township
Calico and tiger

Calico and tigerNikkihuezo

hi! I have some female calico kittens for sale also a tiger male and tabby male kitten . ..

Siamese, Massachusetts » Shrewsbury
Baby Female Hedgehog - Cudles - Socialized

Baby Female Hedgehog - Cudles - Socializedabbwegrzyn2009

Baby female named Cuddles born in October. Comes from a very social mother and an albino ..

Hedgehog, Ohio » Garfield Heights

Rodents For Sale Near Me


Chinchilla Rodents for sale in Dartmouth, MA, USA. price: NABeautiful mosaic white/light gray female chinchilla 3 months old Can go to good home familiar with care of there lovable animals Her parents available to be seenBuy Now

Male Hedgehog

Male HedgehogOne year old male hedgehog is for sale with his aquarium and all his supplies together. He is very friendly! SC - SummervilleBuy Now

IN SEARCH OF: Adult Sugar Glider

Sugar Glider Rodents for sale in Orange County, CA, USA. price: NAWe recently lost our male sugar glider from a neuro issueBuy Now

Torchy Torch

Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Gibsonton, FL, USA. price: NAHello , we are looking for a new home for our Guinea pig Torch. We are currently in rough situation we’re out place got flooded out and we are constantly on the move. So because of this unfortunate situation we would like to sell him . We want to make sure he’s in a safe stable home . We also have a cage if you would to have that would be additional priceBuy Now

Short-haired male guinea pig

Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Guadalupe, CA, USA. price: NABlack/white guinea pig and brown/white guinea pig. Both are microchipped. Abouut 7 month's oldBuy Now

Pet Rats (Super friendly babies!)

Rat Rodents for sale in Beach Park, IL, USA. price: NASuper friendly, sweet pet rats for adoption, they have been hand raised and are played with everyday. These sweet babies have been bred and raised for good temerament. We have lots of colors and patterns available! Including rex, satin, hairless, dumbo, top ear, variegated, top cap, blazed, Berkshire, irish, and many more! Prices are based on pattern/ear type/fur type. Text me at xxxxxxxxxx if you are interested in joining the waiting list for some of these gorgeous sweet babies!Buy Now

3 yr old chinchilla for sale to a good home.

Chinchilla Rodents for sale in Mockingbird Ln, Downers Grove Township, IL 60527, USA. price: NAHer name is Winter, she is 3, and she is a really well socialized chinchilla! She loves to be pet and always wants to be right by your side! She comes with her cage, accessories, food/treats, hay, and all her toys!Buy Now

2 girl Guinea pigs

Alpaca Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in 5955 Lemon Park Way, Sacramento, CA 95824, USA. price: NATwo girl, guinea pigs with cage and food the cage is 2 by 3 ft and the pigs are around 8 monthsBuy Now

2 Free Guinea Pigs

Teddy or Rex Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Salem, NH 03079, USA. price: NAI am re-homing my daughters 2 Guinea pigs that she does not have time to care for. Pumpkin is a long hair female with cinnamon colored fur. She is shy but lovable, loves to be petted and when comfortable with you she will rub her nose on your face. She is the verbal one and loves to eat lol She also has great expressions with her eyes. Marcus is the male and he is multi colored with handsome markings, he is playful and adventurous and also loves to be petted. He loves to run around his cage and explore when he is out, he is very curious. Never thought that Guinea pigs could have such personalities but they do! Looking for a loving home/ homes or a classroom that they can get plenty of attention. They have separate cages and come with everything they have. They do not need to be re-homed together because they are seperated (the store screwed up and gave us a male and a female, they were supposed to both be male)View Detail

Guinea pig

Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in 12628 Memorial Way, Moreno Valley, CA 92553, USA. price: NASmooth back brown and white Guinea pig, curly fluffy brownish/orangeish and black Guinea pig, smooth back darkbrown and white Guinea pig. (In the video the adult one is not for sale)Buy Now

Guinea pigs

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Colorado Springs, CO, USA. price: NACage included( hay feeding compartment on cage) Hides includedBuy Now

4 piggies for sale

Peruvian Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Los Angeles, CA, USA. price: NAI have 3 female and 1 male piggy that are 3 weeks old. $40 each.Buy Now

Really cute 1 year old chinchilla

Ashy Chinchilla Rat Rodents for sale in Reno, NV, USA. price: NAIn the middle of moving unfortunately can’t take this little guy with me his name is Seymour and he just turned one! Comes with cage,accessories, as well as food! Willing to negotiate prices!Buy Now

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in St Cloud, FL, USA. price: NA2 five month old Guinea pigs need to be rehomed , unfortunately my son is allergic. It’s a bundle with house, bedding, food and pet play pig.Buy Now

Kid friendly, loving chinchilla. In need of loving family!

Long-tailed Chinchilla Rodents for sale in Murfreesboro, TN, USA. price: NAThis is Dusty:) She is very sweet and loves her sticks to nibble on. Her favorite thing is a clean cage she gets very excitedBuy Now

Chinchilla and Cage

Chinchilla Rodents for sale in Edmond, OK 73013, USA. price: NASelling our chinchilla Flynn. My sister was moving and couldn't keep him, sadly, and he isn't extremely happy at my house with my other pets around. He's super soft and loves to be pet. He's healthy and energetic. Cage and everything I've got for him will be included. The Cage is nice and big. Has an upper and lower door as well as a small door on the roof. Offers are welcome. I'll be happy to answer any questions.Buy Now

Guinea pigs need a new home

Abyssinian Guinea Pig Rodents for sale in Lancaster, PA, USA. price: NA2 Abyssinian Guinea pigs 8 months old. INCLUDED IN PRICE: Oxbow Large housing cage, Oxbow Large play pen area, Large blue carrying case for travel with pets, litter pan, food dish, wood housing/hiding hut and long tunnel, toys, blue plush bed, water bottle, food, Boxo bedding, hay, & more supplies & treats Guinea pigs purchased for my daughter, they have been well cared for but are more than she can handle with all her after school activities. I am too busy to continue to give them the care they need. We want them go to a hood home. They are very cute and cuddly, it’s really a time issue for us with caring for them.Buy Now

Twinks The Chinchilla

Chinchilla Rodents for sale in Avon, OH 44011, USA. price: NATwinks is a very great chinchilla, there is nothing wrong with her I just work too much. I have very little time to interact with her. I have only had her for a month and everything I have for her (cage,toys,food, etc.) comes with her.Buy Now

Shelby Township Guinea Pig for FREE

Shelby Township Guinea Pig for FREEFred is a year old. He comes with his cage (40”x20”), food, bedding and toys! The whole setup (everything you need). My kids are allergic to the hay that he eats. Fred is VERY friendly AND adorable. We feel bad sending him back to the pet store. Hoping we can find him a great new home! Thank you!!Buy Now

Hedgehog for adoption

Hedgehog Rodents for sale in Parsippany-Troy Hills, NJ, USA. price: NAAfrican Pygmy Hedgehog, 2 year old male, he likes to run, eat meal worms and is very solitary. He’ll come with a cage, wheel, dome, water and food bowls, lamp, and lamp bulbs. Please let me know if you have any questions !Buy Now

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Rodents Available For Sale

Abert's Squirrel, Acrobatic Cavy, African Grass Rat, African Pygmy Squirrel, Agouti, Alexander's Bush Squirrel, Algerian gerbil, Alpaca Guinea Pig, Alpine Woolly Rat, Amazon Bamboo Rat, American Beaver, Andean Pygmy Rice Rat, Andrews's Three-toed Jerboa, Angolan Multimammate Mouse, Anthony's Woodrat, Ashy Chinchilla Rat, Abyssinian Grass Rat, African pouched rat, African Smoky Mouse, Agag Gerbil, Algerian Mouse, Allen's Wood Mouse, Alpine Pika, Altiplano Chinchilla Mouse, American Pika, Andean Rat, Andean Vesper Mouse, Argentine Tuco-tuco, Abyssinian Guinea Pig, Afghan Pika, African Dormouse, African Wading Rat, Agile Kangaroo Rat, Alpine Pine Vole, Anderson's Gerbil, Arctic Lemming, Ash-Gray Mouse, Barfur gerbil, Black-clawed Brush-furred Rat, Bower's White-toothed Rat, Bailey's Pocket Mouse, Baluchi Mouse-like Hamster, Big-Eared Climbing Rat, Big-headed Rice Rat, Black Agouti, Black-tailed Hairy Dwarf Porcupine, Brahma White-bellied Rat, Broad-toothed Field Mouse, Black-tailed Mosaic-tailed Rat, Brazilian Guinea Pig, Brown-headed Spiny Rat, Budin's Chinchilla Rat, Bunny Rat, Cavy, Cutch Rat, Capybara, Chihuahuan Mouse, Chinese Striped Hamster, Chipmunk, Crested Guinea Pig, Campbell's dwarf hamster, Chinchilla, Chinese Hamster, Ciscaucasian Hamster, Coronet Guinea Pig, Dwarf Multimammate Mouse, Deer Mouse, Degu, Double Rex Rat, Dumbo Ear Rat, Dainty Fat Mouse, Eastern Gray Squirrel, English Merino Guinea Pig, Eversmann's Hamster, Fawn-footed Mosaic-tailed Rat, Fat Mouse, Felten's Vole, Flat-Haired Mouse, Forest Giant Squirrel, Forest Thicket Rat, Fat-Nosed Spiny Rat, Fernandina Galapagos Mouse, Fulvous-bellied Climbing Rat, Golden Hamster, Gray Grass Mouse, Great Gerbil, Guinea Pig, Gansu Hamster, Gerbil Mouse, Greater Fat-tailed Jerboa, Guinea Gerbil, Gerbil, Gray-bellied Squirrel, Greater Guinea Pig, Hagen's Flying Squirrel, Hairless Rat, House Mouse, Hamster, Hedgehog, Kam Dwarf Hamster, Long-tailed Chinchilla, Little Margareta Rat, Little Ground Squirrel, Long-tailed Dwarf Hamster, Marmoset Rat, Mastomys, Mice, Mouse, Marmot, Mongolian Jird, Mus fragilicauda, Norway lemming, Other, Plateau Vole, Peruvian Guinea Pig, Plateau Pika, Prairie Dog, Rahm's Brush-furred Rat, Rat, Rex Rat, Roborovski hamster, Rothschild's Woolly Rat, Servant Mouse, Short-tailed Chinchilla, Siberian Flying Squirrel, Silkie or Sheltie Guinea Pig, Soft Grass Mouse, Santander Dwarf Squirrel, Short haired Guinea Pig, Skinny pig, Sugar Glider, Syrian Hamster, Shiny Guinea Pig, Slender Gerbil, Spix's Yellow-toothed Cavy, Squirrel, Tamaulipan Woodrat, Teddy or Rex Guinea Pig, Texel Guinea Pig, Tibetan Dwarf Hamster, Teddy Bear hamster, Viscacha, White Mouse, White-eared Pocket Mouse, Winter White Russian Dwarf Hamster, Woolly Giant Rat, Western Gerbil, White-tailed Rat, West African Shaggy Rat, Woodland Dormouse, Yellow-toothed Cavy, Yellowish Rice Rat, Yellow-throated Squirrel, Zuniga's Dark Rice Rat, Micro Ferret,