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Pocket bully

Pocket bullysezeonejf

Tri color carrier Champion bloodline if you would like to see pVineland apers my family a..
American Bully, New Jersey » Vineland

ISO hypoallergenic dog

ISO hypoallergenic dogmarion

Young dog preferred, but we are ok with dog up to 5 years old. We are a family of 3: 1 pa..
Poodle, Oregon » Portland

Poodle-Pomeranian Puppies Coming in July

Poodle-Pomeranian Puppies Coming in Julyannalinde1011

Pomapoo puppies for sale. Pomapoos are a great mix because they are intelligent fun. They..
Poodle, Rhode Island » West Greenwich

Beautiful Poodles available

Beautiful Poodles availablejohnnnleo12345

I am so excited to announce the arrival of my much loved pet Bibis first litter of 2 girl..
Poodle, New York » New York

Black German Shepherd puppies

Black German Shepherd puppiesalexsviridov6

I have German Shepherd puppies 3 male's and 1 female all black purebred, No papers call..
German Shepherd, Missouri » Sparta Township

Toy poddle

Toy poddleCruzbayron611

All Girls , Born 4/28/20 . No papers, Almost ready..
Poodle, North Carolina » Kannapolis

Poodle standard AKC registered

Poodle standard AKC registeredpamkirk

Standard Poodle puppies, born 3/1/20, ready for their forever home! Solid black in color,..
Poodle, Texas » Porter

AKC Standard Black poodle Puppies

AKC Standard Black poodle Puppiesparkermark400

AKC standard black poodle puppies, ready 5/2 wormed-2, shorts, dew claws removed and tail..
Poodle, Texas » Fort Worth

Adorable Pom for Sale

Adorable Pom for Salemfreeman53

Buckeye is his name and he absolutely loves to take walks and lay on your lap. He is 2 1/..
Pomeranian, Kentucky » Union

Needs a nice loving home

Needs a nice loving homeFrank501569

Hi I can’t keep this dog anymore because he doesn’t get along with my other dog and I..
Poodle, Arizona » Tolleson

Teacup poodle

Teacup poodleiamtieralee

Icy is a teacup poodle, Very adorable and intelligent. I have to move and cannot take her..
Poodle, California » San Diego

Teacup poodle

Teacup poodleiamtieralee

Icy is a teacup poodle, Very adorable and intelligent...
Poodle, California » San Diego


Poodle for sale

Poodle- the majestic hunter dogs are one of the most popular breeds and for the reason, called "Hunters with French charm" and that is why many celebrities choosing to have Poodle as a pet. Poodle is very grateful dog but they need proper care and attention if you want your Poodle pet to be a happy and healthy dog. They are incredible smart and active dogs so we will give you some crucial information for your new pet.poodle for sale

History of the breed

It is difficult to trace origin of a Poodle. It is considered to be from North Africa which was brought later to European continent. Breed origins from Germany that means "to splash about". There are pictures that show Poodle from 15th and 16th centuries. In the 18th century popularity of Poodles has grown due to paintings of Francisco Goya on which he showed Poodles as a pet dog. In France this breed became very popular during Louis XVI who had Poodle as a pet. During the history, Poodles have contributed many other breeds like Standard and Mini Schnauzer and dogs of the Bichon type.

Physical characteristic of Poodle

Poodle can be divided in three categories- Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodle. Standard Poodle average size is 45-60cm with weight 25-35kg. Miniature Poodle height is 35-45cm with weight of 7-9kg and Toy Poodle height is 25-35cm with weight of 3-5kg. Poodles have lovely curly fur which can be in many colors from black, white, brown to silver and apricot. This breed has long legs and longer neck. Tail always stands up. Poodle is very strong and compact breed which is very capable for hunting and outdoors activities. Sometimes its look can be deceive because Poodles are very good outdoor dogs.poodle sale


Poodles are very kind breed which are willing to learn and due to high intelligence they are learning very quickly. Poodle's temper is very sensitive so tension or stress can be very emotional to your Poodle pet and that can be manifested even through digestive upset or sickness in stomach. Poodle character is very gentle and playful and they need to spend time with people in a peaceful and harmonic home. Standard poodle is also an alert dog so they have habit to bark. Poodles are not aggressive dogs so with proper socialization they will be good friends with any pet or human.

How should I take care of my Poodle?

Poodles are not very hard to take care of. They have specific fur and they are not moulting which makes them ideal for indoor living. But they will require taking a good care of fur with regular clipping and brushing. Taking your pet for clipping to pet salon every two or three weeks and everyday brushing is something that Poodle needs to be fully healthy. If living indoor, Poodles will need a lot of playing time, activities and mental challenges because of their high intelligence. They love playing with ball or playing with other dogs. They will be fully happy after a few hours of playing time and it will be completely satisfied. Poodles are usually very strong and healthy pets, but like in every other breed there are possibilities of illness. It is very important to collect all the information that you can get about your Poodle pet descent and genealogy to make sure that risk of getting sick is at minimum. Poodles can have eye problems, digestive and skin problems but with regular vet visits, feeding with proper and healthy food and with enough outdoor activities you will have very healthy, strong and happy Poodle as a pet.

What food should I give to Poodle?

Feeding your Poodle properly is essential for your pet's health. Eating properly can prevent many digestive diseases. It is very important that meals are full of proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals for growth of your Poodle puppy. When reach 3 months Poodles will need to have 3 meals per day through puppy life and when reach adult life 2 meals per day are recommended. Industrial food would not be enough to keep your Poodle well fed so mixing with a lot of vegetables, meats like chicken, beef or turkey, but also they love eating kidneys, liver etc. The best way to find out how much food you have to give to your dog is by following your Poodle's growth and counting calories. Supplements are also very important to keep your Poodle healthy, so giving them proper minerals, vitamins and calcium at young age may prevent many diseases in the future. Generally, Poodles can eat many different foods, but mixing them properly with right amount of nutritious substance will make your Poodle very healthy.

Are they easy to train?

poodle puppies for saleYour Poodle pet should be very easy to train because of they are very intelligent breed. They are eager to please their owners so training Poodle should be relatively easy job. Poodles react very good to positive training so giving your Poodle awards after completing tasks with threat would be ideal for training. Due to their sensitivity and emotional character it is not recommended to train your Poodle with punishment or old fashioned trainings simply because they will not respond good and they can even get depressed or lose trust in owner. Training your Poodle is not a tough task and with little patience, hard work and being consequent Poodle pet will be smart, well-trained and happy dog.

Where can I get Poodle?

If you are looking for Poodle for sale we can help you. There are many pictures and descriptions of our lovely pets and with good consulting and good research on our website you can get wonderful and happy Poodle to be your pet for years to come. We have many lovely Poodles that are waiting for a new home.