Toy Poodle Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Toy Poodle for Sale

Toy dog
Height Male:
24 - 28 cm9 - 12 inches
Height Female:
24 - 28 cm9 - 12 inches
Weight Male:
2 - 5 kg4 - 12 pounds
Weight Female:
2 - 5 kg4 - 12 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 15 Years
Litter Size:
1 - 4
Other Names:
Colors Available:
chocolate and black, brown, apricot, Cream
Long, thick and curly
Affectionate, Alert, Cheerful, Courageous, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Protective, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Sweet, Territorial
Moderate Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Toy Poodle for Sale

toy poodleMore and more people are opting not to clip their Poodles ith those ridiculous hair cuts with pom poms. Clipped properly, he can be just as cute as any other dog.

It is thought that the Toy Poodle hails from France, with the standard poodle having originated in Germany. The first poodles were used as herders so they’re not just useless dogs with silly pom-pom haircuts.

Some rough-coated water dogs are believed to be ancestors of the Poodle. It was in the 19th century that these dogs became show dogs. Their popularity died out in the 1920s, but it has once again become a popular dog.

Description - Toy Poodle for Sale

toy poodle puppy - descriptionToy Poodles stand between 24 to 28 cm in height and weigh in the region of 2 to 5kg. Poodles are light-shedding dogs and are thought to be hypo-allergenic. If you have an allergy, a Toy Poodle can e a great dog for you.

The crip, curly coat comes in a number of colors – cream, apricot, brown, chocolate, and black and he can be clipped if you find that he is too high maintenance. If the hair is allowed to grow it can become very matted and turn into dreadlocks.

Many Toy Poodle owners find this very difficult to maintain and opt to have the dog’s hair clipped. The poodle has medium-length floppy ears. Docking of the tail is important if you want to keep the distinctive look of your poodle. Fortunately, docking is still permitted in the USA and this is best done when the puppy is very young.


Toy Poodles are intelligent dogs and are capable of learning a whole lot of commands and tricks. They’re also excellent athletes, being lively and energetic.

Being lively and alert, the Toy Poodle can be a good watchdog too, barking sharply at intruders. The Toy Poodle is very social and won’t take kindly to being left alone for hours.

Then again, he is gentle and sensitive and won’t do well with undisciplined children and their shrill screams. They are definitely dogs that want peace and harmony. And having him trained and socialized will get you a well mannered, obedient dog. He is small enough to adapt to life in the city or the countryside.

Characteristics - Toy Poodle for Sale

toy poodle dog - characteristicsThis dog breed is very loyal to its family. It doesn't do well when left for hours on its own.

Energetic and lively, you’ll find your Toy Poodle such a pleasure to have around. He is very intelligent too, so with training and socialization he becomes a super little pet.

Playful and social, he is like a small ray of sunshine that comes into your home and your heart.

Health Problems - Toy Poodle for Sale

toy poodle puppies - health problemsGood food and exercise keep the Toy Poodle as healthy as possible, but like other dogs, the Toy Poodle can also get sick. Cancer, bloat, ear infections, and obesity are common dog ailments.

Too many dog owners don’t realize the importance of healthy teeth. You need to look into the mouth of your pet regularly to make sure there are no rotting teeth. These problematic teeth can jeopardize the health of your pet.

Infection of teeth and gums can cause a host of other problems such as kidney and heart disease.

Check your Toy Poodle for parasites – fleas, ticks, worms as these can take a toll on your pet’s health. Your pet can become lethargic and the coat becomes listless, thin and dull. Your pet will also lose weight. Speak to your vet about treatments that can prevent these infestations.

Caring The Pet - Toy Poodle for Sale

toy poodle dogs - caringMake sure to exercise your Toy Poodle every day. If you’re lucky to have a garden, play ball games with him, play hide and seek and take him for walks.

Brush your Toy Poodle twice a week. His curly coat can become a source of concern for you and then you can have his coat clipped short.

Provide your pet with training and socialization and get him used to walking on a leash.

Take your Toy Poodle for regular visits to the vet. There are some serious canine diseases that can kill your pet.

Provide your pet with a nice dry, peaceful sleeping area. He needs his own water and food bowls. Wash these regularly.

Provide your Toy Poodle with the best dog food there is. Try and go for natural foods free from colorants and fillers. Try and also give him some home-made food such as boiled chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and spinach. Dogs like the same good foods which are simple and nutritious.

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