Sphynx Cat Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Sphynx for Sale

Weight Male:
3 - 7 kg6 - 16 pounds
Weight Female:
3 - 7 kg6 - 16 pounds
Life Span:
8 - 14 Years
Litter Size:
2 - 6
Other Names:
Colors Available:
All colors
Alert, Cheerful, Curious, Energetic, Friendly, Gentle, Intelligent, Lively, Loving, Loyal, Outgoing, Playful, Quiet, Responsive, Social, Territorial
Moderate Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Sphynx for Sale

sphynxThe Sphynx cat is well known for its hairlessness. This breed started its development in Toronto, Canada.

A hairless kitten was born and it was mated to produce more hairless kittens. These kittens were called Canadian Hairless Cats. They were used as the foundation for a new breed.

In the 1970s, more hairless kittens were born and placed into the Sphynx breeding program. They were mated with Devon Rex cats. The International Cat Association recognizes this cat breed.

Description - Sphynx for Sale

sphynx kittenThe Sphynx is a medium-sized, fine-boned, muscular cat that weighs roughly between 3.5 – 7 kg. The skin of the cat has a soft chamois type feel to it.

Sometimes there can be a few hairs. The head of this cat is longer and narrower than many of the other cat breeds. The ears are large.

This cat is going to need a bath once a week with special medicated cat shampoo. The cat also has no whiskers or eyelashes. The legs are long and slender and he has a barrel chest. All skin patterns and colors are available with the cat.


The Sphynx is a loving, friendly, energetic, extrovert cat that loves nothing more than to be petted and pampered.

It one of the few dependent cats there are. Even though he is social, he isn’t very vocal. They are playful too and because they are also intelligent, they will need stimulating games and toys to keep them from becoming bored.

They get on well with children in the home. Like many other cats, the Sphynx cat can be doglike and they like to welcome their owners home.

Health Problems - Sphynx for Sale

sphynx catThe Canadian Sphynx, just because of its lack of hair, already faces challenges. Other cats have fur to keep them warm and to protect the skin from sunlight.

In fact, when the kittens are born, without hair, they are vulnerable and become prone to respiratory infections. Reputable breeders, therefore, only allow their kittens to go to new homes when they are at least 14 weeks of age.

This cat is also prone to skin problems and this could include rashes and fungal infections. As with any other cat, the Sphynx cat requires protection from harmful cat diseases by being vaccinated.

Caring The Pet - Sphynx for Sale

sphynx kittensEven though the Sphynx cat is hairless, he isn’t to be regarded as a low maintenance cat. First of all, the sheer lack of hair means he is more vulnerable to the sun and to the cold. If he goes outdoors, you have to be careful that his skin doesn’t get burned.

These cats also have more ear wax than other cats as they don’t have hair in their ears. Dirt, wax, and oils can accumulate in the ears. They will need to be cleaned regularly, and a vet or the pet groomer can help you with this.

The Sphynx cat also collects oil and dirt under their nails, so just like the ears, the nails as well as the surrounding skin folds will need to be properly cleaned. Cat owners need to know that these hairless cats aren't as low maintenance as thought, but require quite a bit of grooming. Special grooming products are available for this cat.

What one cat likes to eat won’t be the same as another cat. The Sphynx, like every other cat, is a carnivore and he will need all the different nutrients from his food.

The best commercial cat food manufacturers know that the proportion of these nutrients will vary as the cat ages and goes through different stages of its life. Your cat needs the right meat foods and he needs the right quantity as well.

Characteristics - Sphynx for Sale

sphynx catsThe Sphynx can be in a house where there are children who have been taught to be kind and gentle with animals.

The cat is energetic and loves to entertain and amuse his human family with his antics.

He is loving and loyal to his human family and absolutely hates staying on his own. He can actually get depressed when he is left on his own often.

He would be far better off with another cat companion. If you're looking for a fun, playul, loving and affectionate feline companion, you need look no further than the weird-looking sphynx cat.

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