Finnish Spitz Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Finnish Spitz for Sale

Sporting dog
Height Male:
45 - 50 cm17 - 20 inches
Height Female:
39 - 45 cm15 - 18 inches
Weight Male:
12 - 15 kg26 - 34 pounds
Weight Female:
10 - 13 kg22 - 29 pounds
Life Span:
9 - 11 Years
Litter Size:
3 - 6
Other Names:
Finnish Hunting Dog Finnish Spets Finsk Spets Loulou Finois Suomalainen pystykorva Suomenpystykorva
Colors Available:
golden-red with variations from pale honey to dark chestnut
Alert, Cheerful, Energetic, Independent, Intelligent, Lively, Loyal
Moderate Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Finnish Spitz for Sale

finnish spitzThe “barking Bird Dog” or Finnish Spitz was Developed in Finland. The breed is fearless and small with a different style than many other hunting dogs. He style of tracking is unusual and he indicated his quarry by barking. He was bred to hunt all sizes of prey from as large as bears to as small as squirrels. He was called the “Barking Bird Dig” because he pointed at the prey by barking and giving the hunter knowledge of the prey and an easy approach to it. In Finland, the Spitz is still a hunting dog. In 1979 The Finnish Spitz became the national dog of Finland.

Spitz-like dogs have been present in Finland for over 8000 years. It is believed that dogs living in higher latitudes had more in common with the Taymyr Wolf od North Asia than with the gray wolf. Tests indicate that the chance of the Spitz being related to the Taymyr is between 1.4&a and 27.3%. The Taymyr is extinct today. This shows that the present day dog descends from more than one type of wolf and more than one area. The Spitz was a favorite of the Finno-Ugrian tribes as he helped them find food. These tribes were pretty isolated until 1880. Then the Spitz were mated with other dogs and were almost extinct as a breed separate from all the other local dogs.

However, like many other breeds the Finnish Spitz found a savior. A Finnish huntsman, named Hugo Roos, noticed the native Finnish Spitz while he was hunting up North. He decided to breed dogs that were genuine Finnish Spitz without the blood of other breeds mixed in. After thirty years the current day Finnish Spitz was born.The latest breed standard was confirmed by the Love Finnish Kennel Club in 1996.

Description - Finnish Spitz for Sale

finnish spitz puppy - descriptionThe Finnish Spitz is balanced and symmetrical in body and females are longer than males. They have a very distinguishable prick, foxy ears and face. They have a smiling expression and a curved tail. They are a golden-red color with a double coat. The under coat is dense and soft While the top coat is stiff. Puppies often look like little red fox cubs. When born they are black, grey or brown with a lot of black. As an adult the pups grow up to be a mix of fawn and dark black. Lips, nose and rims of the eyes should be black.

Characteristics - Finnish Spitz for Sale

Children friendliness

finnish spitz dog - characteristicsVery child friendly – loves to play with children as long as the children pay attention to them. If not, the Spitz will go elsewhere.

Special talents

They are independent thinkers and close to family but not strangers. They often “yodel” instead of howl.


Needs to be with people, bonds deeply with his humans. Most get along well with other dogs but because of their hunting instinct they are not good with small pets or birds.

Learning ability

They are smart and learn easily. They are great athletes and learn games and competition well.

Health Problems - Finnish Spitz for Sale

finnish spitz puppies - health problemsTypically, a somewhat healthy breed, the Finnish Spitz does struggle with a few genetic concerns. They have been known to suffer from:

  • Elbow dysplasia – Can cause arthritis
  • Patellar luxation – movement in the knee joints can cause lameness
  • Epilepsy – seizures can be controlled with medication
  • Hip dysplasia – Just like elbow dysplasia can cause arthritis

Caring The Pet - Finnish Spitz for Sale

Feeding the puppy

finnish spitz dogs - caringDon’t overfeed the little guy. The Spitz had a good appetite for a dog its size and can gain weight quickly . Feed twice a day about 1/8th of a cup.

Feeding the adult

The same advice hold for the adult dog. Feed 1/4th of a cub of high quality dry food twice a day.

Points for Good Health

When the Spitz is a puppy you should limit strenuous exercise and jumping. Don’t spay neuter at too young an age. Wait until they are mature at 3-5 years of age.

Games and Exercises

Again do not exercise vigorously at too young an age. When older the Finnish Spitz will need a yard to run in and exercise to satisfy his hunting instincts. A long walk every day is a must.

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