American Mastiff Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - American Mastiff for Sale

Molosser dogs
United States
Height Male:
65 - 91 cm25 - 36 inches
Height Female:
65 - 89 cm25 - 36 inches
Weight Male:
72 - 90 kg158 - 199 pounds
Weight Female:
63 - 81 kg138 - 179 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 12 Years
Litter Size:
2 - 5
Other Names:
AM Mastiff
Colors Available:
Fawn, Apricot, Brindle
Smooth, shorthair
Affectionate, Friendly, Intelligent, Loving, Loyal, Protective, Quiet
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - American Mastiff for Sale

american mastiffThe history of the American Mastiff is entirely tied to the old European Mastiffs but in particular the English Mastiff. The developers of the American Mastiff crossed the English Mastiff with the Anatolian Mastiff at the Ohio kennel, Flying W Farms. The founder of this breed is Fredricka Wagner. Because of this the English Mastiff and the American Mastiff look very much alike. The difference between the two is that the American Mastiff was bred to have less health concerns than the English Mastiff and without the drooling. In 2000 the CKC acknowledged that the American Mastiff and the English Mastiff were separate breeds.

Description - American Mastiff for Sale

american mastiff puppyThis crossing of the English Mastiff and the Anatolian Mastiff resulted in a Mastiff with a much drier, less drooling mouth than the other Mastiffs. This is a giant, massive dog – powerful and muscular. With a wide head that is rectangular rather than square. Their eyes are dark amber, and their ears are high on their head and rounded. With a medium size muzzle, black mask and heavy head, the American Mastiff is a handsome dog.

Their chest is broad, deep with ribs that extended backward. He has strong legs that are parallel and wide set. He also has a long tail. Puppies of the American Mastiff are born almost black and as they grow their coat color lightens. In addition, it is important that they have a wrinkled forehead as well and a scissors bite is preferred.

Health Problems - American Mastiff for Sale

american mastiff dogAmerican Mastiffs seem to have fewer health issues than other larger giant breed dogs. However, they can experience allergies as many large, wrinkled dogs do. They also might have a tendency toward eye issues, hip dysplasia, cancer and heart disease. Bloat might be the most life-threatening issue many American Mastiffs experience.

Caring The Pet - American Mastiff for Sale

american mastiff puppiesGiant breeds like the American Mastiff are known for growing rapidly as a puppy and therefore proper feeding and nutrition is essential. The slower your American Mastiff grows, the better. Make sure your puppies get enough phosphorous and calcium in their high calorie diet. Free feeding is not recommended. Feed puppies up to 4 small meals per day and feed adults twice a day.

Health issues

As previously mentioned this breed is a fairly healthy one, There, are however, certain evaluations you should do with your American Mastiff puppy to be sure she is in good health. These tests would include an elbow and hip evaluation to check for dysplasia. He should have an ophthalmologist and cardiologist examine him as well. Most American Mastiffs will not have any problems, but these evaluations will help to prepare you if they do. The wrinkles in your dogs; face, around the eyes and muzzle must be kept clean as they can become infected if you don’t.

Exercise and games

Unlike the way he looks, the American Mastiff is not a couch potato, but neither are they a high energy, exercise machine. They do well living in apartments or homes, with or without a fenced in yard. They need a long walk every day. They need mental stimulation through exercise and games. Make sure they learn to love to play so that they don’t become lazy as they age.

Characteristics - American Mastiff for Sale

american mastiff dogsA love of children and devotion to his pack (family) is bred into the American Mastiff. He is non-aggressive unless you threaten his family or his children. Then he becomes courageous, protective and defensive. This is a gentle giant most of the time, however due to size and the need for strong leadership, the American Mastiff should be socialized and trained early. If they are socialized and trained they will be calm, gentle dogs. They will remain protective and alert, but they will be friendly with strangers. They love to please their people and being highly intelligent they learn fast.

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