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Labrador retriever rehome

Labrador retriever rehomecmbonilla9

He is a7 month old Lab. Due to unfortunate circumstances we need to sell our home and wer..
Labrador Retriever, California » San Mateo

Puppy Chocolate Lab

Puppy Chocolate LabRosangelgarcia0131

Lily is a3 month old puppy who is very energetic and friendly. She loves going to the dog..
Labrador Retriever, New Jersey » Newark

3 month old Labrador puppy for sale

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Hello, Our Labrador puppy is very adorable, playful, calm around kids and always ready t..
Labrador Retriever, Massachusetts » Marlborough

Adorable 4 month old Ted

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Energetic, black adorable lab, must play all day, eats a lot, great companion...
Labrador Retriever, Colorado » Boulder

Gorgeous Silver Labrador

Gorgeous Silver LabradorTheresabrown2022

Laila is a beautiful silver laborador with lots of energy and love to give. She enjoy wal..
Labrador Retriever, California » Chino

Yellow lab puppies

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Beautiful yellow lab puppies. 2 males and 2 females left. 1 st shots and deworming along ..
Labrador Retriever, Michigan » Birch Run Township

Labrador retriever rehome

Labrador retriever rehomecmbonilla9

He is a7 month old Lab. Due to unfortunate circumstances we need to sell our home and wer..
Labrador Retriever, California » San Mateo

Beautiful Lab puppies

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Beautiful and healthy Labrador puppies available for their forever home. These puppies wi..
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Want To Adopt

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Labrador Retriever, Ohio » Lancaster

AKC Lab puppy

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8 week old lab puppy. He comes with AKC registration, up to date vaccination/dewormed rec..
Labrador Retriever, Texas » Dallas

*Blaze* Male

*Blaze* MaleMy3loves151620

Up to date on vaccines, has rabies tag, microchipped. Want him to go to a loving home..
Labrador Retriever, New York » Cortlandt

Selling to a family with a home

Selling to a family with a homeRoblesveronica897

I purchased this puppy three months ago for my kids, I have come to realize I have no tim..
Labrador Retriever, Massachusetts » Holyoke


Labrador puppies for sale

labrador for saleIf you are looking for Labrador retriever puppies for sale you are at the right place. First, before you get yourself a new friend these are some things that are good to know. When we talk about Labrador retriever, we are talking about one of the most popular and the most loveable dog breeds in the world. It makes no difference if you want family friend, travel companion, hunting partner or basically any other activity that you like to do- this breed will be perfect for you because of its intelligence, calm temper and stability.

What is descent of my Labrador?

Labrador that we know today originated from Newfoundland in the early 1800's. Fishermen created a smaller version of Newfoundland dog and trained them for fishing. That is why Labradors are excellent swimmers and water lovers. Labrador got his name by the sea. Due to high taxes this breed almost vanished, but luckily Labradors were transported to England where they were crossed with Retrievers and that's how we got breed that we know today. In 1903 The Kennel Club recognized Labrador's. Now, popularity of this breed is constantly rising and in America they are the most popular family dogs.

What are physical characteristics of a Labrador?

Labrador is a mid-large breed, with very strong body stamina and muscularity. Body is wider than its height and extensive head and sturdy teeth provide easier carriage of prey. Webbed toes and powerful legs make this breed outstanding swimmer. Short, thick hair with soft and gentle water-resistance coat makes Labrador resistant to any weather conditions and it is easy to clean them. Although during moulting period Labrador will shed a lot of fur. There are thee acceptable colors for this breed, black, yellow, and chocolate brown. Eye color is brown or chestnut while its nose is mid-long with friendly look. Male Labrador height is between 57 and 62 cm while its height is between 29 and 36 kg. Females are little smaller with height between 55 to 60cm with average weight between 25-32kg.labrador puppies for sale


One of many reasons why this breed is so popular is due to its temper. Labrador is very loyal, kind, out-going and pleasant dog, and very good with children. Due to its energy and active nature they need a lot of playing time, physical activity and mental trainings to remain healthy. Labrador will enjoy chasing ball, throwing Frisbee or any other activity where they carry something in their mouth and because of it gentle temper it could even carry an egg without breaking it. Mixed of intelligence, loyalty, physical stamina and desire for training Labrador is perfect working dog. Labrador retriever usage in detecting dynamite, drugs, thieves, terrorists is very successful. Most of all, Labradors are very useful in working with people with disabilities. 60-70% of helping dogs are Labradors. They are not very good guarding the house because they are very trustable to strangers and they don't bark a lot. Also if they are neglected they will suffer.

What food should I give to my dog?

Puppy Labrador wastes too much energy so it is very important that food is balanced with nutritious diet, and plenty of vitamins and minerals that will provide long, happy and healthy life. With sensitive digestive and immune systems while still a puppy you have to take care of building strong immune system in period of 4 to 12 weeks. In that period avoid large amount of proteins and try to feed them with easy digestive food. Meals must be various mix of vitamins, carbs, calcium for bones, vegetables, meat, etc. Fully grown Labrador enjoys eating bones, which is recommended to be boiled, but chicken and sharp bones should be avoided while veal bones or younger animal bones are very good for their teeth, and skeleton, because bones contain high amount of calcium, and due to their love for carrying things in their mouth, there is no downside of feeding dogs with bones. Also, fresh water is very important to Labrador, because water contains 25% of organism, so it is important for cleaning organism of a dog and losing only 10% of body fluids can cause serious health problems.labrador retriever puppies for sale

Health and Care

Labrador demands regular brushing and cleaning. Usually they shed twice a year, but in the mild climate region they could shed through the whole year. Labrador loves to eat, and to chew all the time so you have to be careful when feeding your dog by giving usual portion of food because they are liable to obesity which can cause serious health problems. It is recommended to check your dog regularly for hips and elbows dysplasia, and sometimes they can have sights problems also, so owners should be aware of that possibility too, but overall this breed is very health and usually they live long and healthy life.

How can I get one?

If you've liked the story about this loyal, serving and loving breed, and you are thinking about making one a part of your life, there are many online places you can buy them from. Make sure that you buy from safe-looking websites that have pictures of puppies for sale, details about them and that you make a good agreement about how the pup will arrive at your home. Cruelty-free is a must have!

How to train your Labrador retriever?

labrador retriever for saleIt is very important that your Labrador learns how to behave in and around the home before it turns 6 months. In the first few days you will learn a lot about your dog's personality, so when you start official training you will know which one is the best reward to give your dog, is it a big bone, gentle scratching, or maybe verbal praise. And if you are in the situation that you need to punish your dog, old fashioned way punish can cause resentment or even hatred, so you can use this only in situation where your dog's life is in danger. Dogs need to be aware that bad things can come from someone or something else in his environment. It is recommended that you start training your puppy between 4 and 6 months, but you can start train them at any time because there is no upper limit. The best way to train your dog is by positive training, giving rewards and praise. Also you will have to socialize your Labrador with other dogs and people. If puppy doesn't spent too much time with other dogs he will think that he is human, so your Labrador should spend time with other dogs too. He will be happier and you will enjoy spending time with your joyful and healthy Labrador, a companion that will follow you on a lot of adventures.