Gaddi Kutta Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

Molosser dogs
Height Male:
55 - 71 cm21 - 28 inches
Height Female:
53 - 69 cm20 - 28 inches
Weight Male:
37 - 44 kg81 - 98 pounds
Weight Female:
32 - 37 kg70 - 82 pounds
Life Span:
10 - 15 Years
Litter Size:
5 - 12
Other Names:
Indian Leopard Hund, and Himalayan Chamba Gaddi dog, Himalayan Bhatia or Bhutia Sheepdog, Gaddi watchdog, Gaddi Mastiff, Himalayan Sheepdog Indian Panther Hound, Maidan Mastiff
Colors Available:
solid color of black and tan, dark fawn and sometimes reddish color.
dry top coat, heavy, thick undercoat
Courageous, Gentle, Independent, Intelligent, Loyal, Protective, Quiet
High Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

gaddi kuttaThe Gaddi Kutta is mountain dog of the mastiff line from northern India. They are mostly found in the western Himalayas and Himachal Pradesh. It is also seen in Nepal and often named the Indian Panther Hound and the Mahidant Mastiff. They were bred to hunt but because of their strength and intelligence they are used to guard and herd goats and sheep. They are strong enough to defeat or scare off a panther or snow leopard and intelligent enough to work independently in finding strays and bringing them back to their pens. They have been known to protect herds of cattle from bears and leopards.3 or 4 of them working together can handle the guard duties for thousands of cattle.

Their reputation precedes them – as ferocious and courageous, unmatched in their instincts to protect what is theirs. In the line of the Mastiffs and Molosser, the Gaddi is powerful and agile, and considered to be of ancient heritage though no one is sure what their origin is. The local myth is that dogs were crossed with tigers. It is more likely that dingo-like wild hounds from the Himalaya were crossed with the Tibetan Mastiff to create the Gaddi Kutti. Also found in Pakistan, most lines of the breed have been crossed with others including the German Shepard and the Bully Kutta. Outside of the Himalayas there are not many if any pure lines. The Gaddi Kutta is a good family dog if you socialize him as a puppy. He will be gentle, calm and intuitive with his family, but aggressive toward strangers and other dogs.

Description - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

gaddi kutta puppy - descriptionThe Gaddi Kutta is a mastiff but he is athletic, has tremendous speed and stamina. He is muscular and deep-chested, leaner than most of the mastiff lines. Their ears can be either natural or cropped, on a very large head. One of the most important traits of the Gaddi Kutta is the massive, arched neck that protects them from predators. He is sturdy with a heavily feathered, thick tail curling over the back.

They are massive, wolf like dogs, fiery and huge but intelligent and faithful to their people. They are scary even when they are trying to be affectionate. The muzzle is strong, and the mane is thick. The Gaddi has long, heavy legs and very large feet that are feathered, making him even more intimidating.

There are two types of Gaddi Kutti – the longhaired and the shorthaired. The longhaired is the most common and has a fuller coat with long feathering on the tail, legs and chest and some feathering on the feet. They are all usually solid colors of yellow, fawn and cream or they could be piebald, brown or brindle. They have a woolly dense undercoat.

Characteristics - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

Children friendliness

gaddi kutta dog - characteristicsThey are not always great with children, but they will protect own children in their family. Do not leave unattended.

Special talents

They have the ability to bring down a wolf or even a bear or snow leopard.


Because of his size, temperament and coat he is not very adaptable. He is good outside in a colder region and with a lot of land to roam, but not in a hot region or in an apartment.

Learning ability

This breed is very smart, learns quickly on his own.

Health Problems - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

However, they are prone to some of the same issues that any big dog would have.

  1. Hip/elbow Dysplasia
  2. Painful and can cause lameness and arthritis.
  3. Patellar luxation
  4. This is a moving knee cap. Can be repaired or can cause lameness.
  5. Obesity

gaddi kutta puppies - health problemsThe breed is prone to obesity if they do not get enough exercise or a decent diet.

Caring The Pet - Gaddi Kutta for Sale

Feeding the puppy

gaddi kutta dogs - caringShould feed a high quality dry puppy food for large dogs. Give 1-2 cups per day split into 2-3 meals.

Feeding the adult

Again you want to feed high quality dry adult dog food for large dogs. Give 3-4 cups per day split into 2 meals. Watch for obesity and if your Gaddi Kutta is gaining too much weight, cut back.

Points for Good Health

The Gaddi Kutti seems to be immune to the most common of canine diseases.

Games and Exercises

This is a breed of very large dogs that need daily exercise by walking and running. However, since they have been fairly isolated in India and the Himalayas, he has not been exposed to organized dog play and exercise such as agility, dock jumping or field trials. He would probably succeed at all three.

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