French Brittany Dog Breed Information, Images, Characteristics, Health

Basic Information - French Brittany for Sale

Gun dog
Height Male:
17 - 20 cm6 - 8 inches
Height Female:
15 - 19 cm5 - 8 inches
Weight Male:
14 - 20 kg30 - 45 pounds
Weight Female:
13 - 17 kg28 - 38 pounds
Life Span:
12 - 13 Years
Litter Size:
5 - 8
Other Names:
Brittany Spaniel Brittany Wiegref Epagneul Breton French Brittany Spaniel
Colors Available:
liver roan, black and white (not universally accepted), orange roan, Orange and white, black roan, liver and white, tricolor
flowing , medium length
Alert, Energetic, Friendly, Intelligent, Loving
Low Maintenance
Kids Friendly:
New Owners Friendly:

History - French Brittany for Sale

french brittanyBrittanys are the product of France, actually developed in the Brittany Province. They are gun dogs designed to hunt birds. Referred to more often than not as a Spaniel their method of working is much more in line with the setters and pointers. They are believed to be developed somewhere between the 17th and 19th centuries, but not recognized until the 20th century. Orange and white dogs were portrayed on 17th century tapestries, hunting and retrieving. In 1850 the Reverend Davies wrote the first record of Brittanys that was verifiable.

The Brittany was recognized for the first time in 1907 as their own breed even though they participated in the Paris Dog Show in 1900. Once recognized the standards were written as well. It was not until 1931 that the breed was recognized in America and 1934 before the American Kennel Club approved them. Until 1982 they were known as the French Brittany Spaniel. The Spaniel was dropped in ’82. In the United Kingdom the Brittany is known as an HPR (Hunt, Point and Retrieve) breed and they do so with both birds and small game such as hares. The Brittany’s have more dual champions than any other American Kennel Club Sporting Breed in both Confirmation and Field Trials.

There are some differences between the current day French Brittany and the “American Brittany”. They are the same breed but different sub-sets and there are differences that can be noted between the two. The French Brittany is smaller than the newer American version and works closer to the hunter and the guns, while the American Brittany runs ahead of the hunter quite often. Some breeders however don’t consider these differences to be sub-sets and believe that the American breeders should accept the French standards reflecting the origin of the breed.

Description - French Brittany for Sale

french brittany puppy - descriptionThe French Brittany is an energetic, compact, solid, athletic dog. They have average size heads, intelligent expressions, floppy ears, and a long, elastic and free gait. Most Brittanys are born with short tails but if not, they are docked outside the United Kingdom. Docking is illegal in the United Kingdom so those Brittanys might have a long tail.

Their coats are orange roan, orange and white and liver roan. A tricoat of orange, liver and white is allowed within a specific placement of the three colors.

Characteristics - French Brittany for Sale


french brittany dog - characteristicsVery friendly with children

Special talents

Dual champions in Field Trials and Confirmation. They both point and retrieve.


They are not as adaptable as some hunting breeds. They are very active and need space both indoors and out. They are not recommended for life in apartments in the city. A rural environment is best. They do not adapt well to the damp and cold weather.

Learning ability

They are very intelligent and have very high learning ability.

Health Problems - French Brittany for Sale

french brittany puppies - health problemsGenerally, a hardy breed that is mostly healthy, the Brittany in France usually lives on average 12 years 6 months. In the UK the average if 12 years and 11 months and many dogs living to be 14 or 15. Some of the health issues that might pop up for the Brittany include:

  1. Ear Infections
  2. Hip Dysplasia
  3. Canine Discoid Lupus Erythematosus
  4. Epilepsy

Caring The Pet - French Brittany for Sale

Feeding the puppy

french brittany dogs - caringFeed puppies a high quality puppy food designed for medium sized dogs. Give about one to one and a half cups per day in 2-3 meals.

Feeding the adult

For the adult French Brittany feed a high quality adult dry food designed for medium sized dogs. Give about two cups per day in 2 meals.

Points for Good Health

Excellent vision and scent

Games and Exercises

The French Brittany is an active and enthusiastic bird dog that loves to exercise. They have the stamina and drive that goes with an efficient and successful hunting dog. They need daily exercise, regular walks and excel at field trials and confirmation. They are also good at lure chase, flyball, rally and obedience.

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