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2 bunnies left!! 8 weeks old

Californian rabbit Rabbits for sale in Barrie, ON, Canada. price: NAWe have any sizes and colors, come and meet them all i have 2 batches that need to be sold soon!!mom is peach and buck is the brown with a bit white and the mom from the black and white batch is the black and white spottedBuy Now

2 bunnies left!! 8 weeks old

2 bunnies left!! 8 weeks oldWe have any shapes and sizes ,any colors and you name it come and see them allView Detail

Rabbits for sale.

Flemish Giant Rabbits for sale in Surrey, BC, Canada. price: NAWe have gray and white rabbits for sale, check out pictures. They are small but big enough to live without Milk so it is time to give away if you were curious why so small. We live in Surrey BC. Price can be talked out but over $40. NOT JUST FLEMISH GIANT!!View Detail

Adorable baby bunnies for sale!

Lionhead rabbit Rabbits for sale in Abbotsford, BC, Canada. price: NAI have 2 Lionhead cross baby bunnies for sale! Both bunnies are males and are 3 months old. They have been handled by young children. Feel free to contact me for more information.View Detail

Allens Farm Pets

American Chinchilla Rabbits for sale in Vancouver Ave, Toronto, ON M4L, Canada. price: NAA note about our herd: Our Chins are fully pedigreed and come from the Ed Toebbe/ Reichert line, with some influence from the Herman Young, Marvin Richardson, Deb Clemens, and Clayton Stevens lines. We do not breed to the show table trends. We choose our brood rabbits based on the SOP as outlined by ARBA for type and form, and we cull for temperament, mothering ability, hardiness, and growth rate. We believe in conserving the traditional American Chinchilla Rabbit and all of its wonderful qualities that make these rabbits outstanding choices for the homestead.View Detail


Lionhead rabbit Rabbits for sale in Belleville, ON, Canada. price: NABorn September 17th, and are ready to go to their new home.Mom is a BEW( blue eyed white ) holland lop and dad is a BEW lionhead.The bunnies are handled and cuddled every day since birth by adults and children. There are 3 left. Two look like mom ( BEW holland lop ) and 1 looks like dad, but will probably have floppier ears. If you're interested in one or two ( bunnies are social creatures and will bond with another ) please call me at ( xxx ) xxx-xxx1 and make me an offer.Thanks The last 3 pictures are of mom and dad.View Detail

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